Coronavirus Fears

Anyone is panicking over Coronavirus being a epidemic here in the U>S.?

Nope, just received my new Prince Stick v8 (Rasta Red and Rasta Green) e-cigs in the mail from Hong Kong two days ago.

Smokin’ and jokin’ all the live-long day.

Haven’t given it any thought.

Everybody has got to die sometime.

I never worry about stuff I can’t control…just take as many precautions as I can.

The regular old flu going around has already proven more deadly.

I’m sure no one knows more about the corona virus than Trump. No worries, he has it under control.

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I’ll bet not a damn person here or a damn person anyone here knows has or will catch the Corona Virus.

You are all going to forget about this little sensation in another month or so.

In 5 years, you’ll all be comparing a new flu to the Corona Virus.


I’m worried about my planned trip to Japan in May. Hopefully it will be warm enough by then that it dies down.

It’s having a solid economic impact, with South Korea becoming a hotspot now, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing. So yeah I am watching.

That Trump is a pure genius.

Only he thinks he knows more about diseases than the CDC!


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Not in the states but there freaking out in other countries taking it very seriously which tbh is the only thing that worries me. One person says No biggie then I read about Italy quarantining 12 towns like out of some horror virus film.

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I bet the people in Italy thought the Coronavirus epidemic won’t hit them.


Most of Europe was laughing at the internet memes just a few days ago. Who’s laughing now?