Corona Virus Health Warning-Animals to Human-Human to animals

I’m creating a separate thread for this since it’s pretty important.

A tiger at the Bronx Zoo has tested positive for the CCCV along with one worker at the zoo.

If it can pass from cats to humans and vice versa this could be very serious.

If your pets, particularly cats are demonstrating symptoms of respiratory allergies or “Distemper” take necessary precautions and get them to a vet.

Research in this area could prove vital in the future. If they test positive It should be reported to both your state Health and Veterinary Authorities ASAP.

The tiger test was a surprise to me.

This explains why.

Blew me away. Now I’ll wonder about every cat around here that has a sniffle. :grin:

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I’ll definitely be giving my cats the side eye when they sneeze.

Whether or not our pets could get the disease, I have never doubted that the pet of someone with the virus could have surface contamination on its fur, no less so than any other surface on which sneeze spittle could land.

While we’ve been shelter-at-home, I was getting at least SOME exercise by taking out my dog, and my kids’ dogs that are in town. I’m a dog person through and through (I like your dog better than I like you!), and I was really enjoying time with my dog and my grand-dogs.

But once my son-in-law came down with COVID (PS: he has subsequently recovered) I stopped taking the grand-dogs out. And I miss that terribly.

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this could be real bad.

How did cat get it? From the worker?

If so what was he doing with cat?

From what I’ve seen they don’t really know yet whether the cat got it from the worker or vice versa.

All felines are so closely related though and they normally carry several different CV’s so this one is concerning.

Fortunately in the veterinary world it’s a lot easier to get vaccines approved than it is for humans.

Even the handler should be 6 feet away from a tiger at all times.

They ain’t pets.

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I could tell you a story about a stupid kid that used to climb up around the back of the bear cages at a zoo to pet them… . :joy:

The grizzly loved Weiner Schitzel Chili Cheese Dogs.

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Actually, if you are self quarantining and your cat gets it, it almost certainly got it from you. If you quarantine it with you, there is no particular difference than if it was another member of your household has it. Yes report it, and don’t let your cat outside.

It was at the Bronx Zoo … the tiger got it from an infected handler. Three other tigers and three lions are also exhibiting symptoms have not been tested, but are presumed to be infected. None of the cats are having severe symptoms. The question is, is the virus less virulent in cats or are these cats the equivalent of humans who get only minor symptoms?

That’s between the cat and the handler, and the cat ain’t talking.

What happens at the zoo, stays in the zoo.

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I blame Carole Baskin.

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Clowder Immunity!

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End result?


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Apparently one of the Doctors Mark Siegel said it might go from human to cat but not from cat to human. So we can just mess them up but they can’t mess us up.

He’s stretching at best with that.

Right now they aren’t even positive which came first, the tiger or the handler.

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