Corey Lewindowsky: Womp Womp

Warning: Most disgusting thing you’ll probably see all week, in a week where we’ve literally seen children in cages.

That was Trump Campaign manager and living proof that men can exist without souls, Corey Lewendowsky.

I’m trying to type a coherent sentence that doesn’t include cursing or worse but it’s incredibly hard.

These are the types of people Trump surrounds himself with.


These are the types of people who support Trump, too.


Bets on how long until our Trumpers prove their vileness by defending this?

Go on, surprise me Trumpers. Prove me wrong.

What a pile of ■■■■■ Ann Coulter is another.

It puts the Deplorable in the basket or else it gets the hose again.

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And here I thought him getting screamed at and stole on by whatshername, Hope Hicks, in the middle of the street in downtown Manhattan would be the most embarrassing thing he ever did.

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Part of me wants to withhold comment until I see what the Trumpkins have to say, but the rest of me knows they won’t surprise me at all. Lewandowski is a pig, and that dude was ready to kick his ass.

Fox News is on meltdown mode right now, it’s unbelievable the ■■■■ that they’re spewing right now.

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They’ve got a basically impossible job spinning this to make Trump look good.

She’s just desperate to remain relevant in an age when the POTUS upstages her daily in terms of crudity and boorishness.

That’s an interesting concept. Far right media have had to push farther right in order to stay ahead of the President.

nope. you arnt wrong. strange woman from unknown location in unknown state of mental health breaks the law with child of unknown health status in tow.

Thank God our people at the border are looking out for the child’s welfare first. Thank God that Trump has the courage to save the children even while libs would sacrifice them.

Obama cages. Libs really really cared.

And yet, one of the classier of the Donni Deplorables.

the lib had no respect. he wanted to share pity.

libs will do anything to get votes, even disrespect a child’s illness to get votes. Libs use them to get pity…Then the lib machine turns pity into anger at their political opponents. You won’t see that child again after libs have used her up.

Trump huggers are being triggered left and right.

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What are you talking about? Seriously? Why is this a hill you want to die on?

Just say it’s not right to mock a disabled child.

Ish seems desperate.