Cops fail to intervene when a black teenage girl is beaten up by five other black girls

According a police representative they tried to intervene but had bottles thrown at them. Not sure what to believe here but in this new era if I were a cop I would be very weary of intervening physically in such a volatile situation.

They needed a social worker (like 15 years ago).

Looks like skanks doing skank things.

Here’s another article about this in defense of the cops:

Being that all the people involved in this were black I believe that the most appropriate thing to do would be to call a BLM representative to intervene.

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The video is pretty clear. They tried to approach and intervene and were bombarded with all sorts of crap so they retreated.

This is the environment the democrats created and now they are bitching bout it.


Cops pretty much have to evaluate the politics of the situation now, if they don’t want to have assault charges filed against them for doing their job.

In truth that’s about all they could have done in that situation without risking a riot.

This is the world democrats have created and it’s just a preview of what the next four years will look like if they sweep in Nov.

Excellent point. The question really is should a cop ever put themselves in a position to get into a physical altercation with a black person?

Not unless they want to risk everything including another riot.

I guess from now on dem’s want people to be self policing and it should be done strictly on racial lines.

Not just race, but gender as well. Not sure it would be appropriate for black male cops to intervene also? This situation involved all black females, considering that wouldn’t black female officers be the only acceptable personnel to intervene?

The more one looks at this the more ridiculous it is.

The department also shared footage it claimed to show people throwing bottles at cops who tried to intervene — though it was unclear when or where the footage was shot, and it does not show the girl being attacked.

But the Post photographer said he observed no bottles being tossed at police — though he was on the scene after hearing reports of an unruly crowd nearby some 45 minutes prior.

Seems fishy.

Watch the video…it’s pretty clear angry mob were throwing ■■■■ at police officers.

Seems like that could be an adverse outcome for some people.

Blacks are mostly victimized by other blacks.

I don’t blame the police for not getting involved. You try to do your job in a circumstance like this and next thing you know the mob is at your house demanding “justice.”

The mob would totally ignore the fact that an 11 year old black girl was being beaten half to death by five other black girls. It only matters when a cop does the beating.

It’s good to see that (most) libs are smart enough not to get involved in this thread.

It’s lose-lose for them, for sure.

Just another “peaceful protest”. Nothing to see here really.

The mob doesn’t give a ■■■■ when kids are gunned down in their neighborhoods either.

So you mean you’d be scared to do your job because people were mean to you.

Not like it’s their job that they get paid very well for, and get more vacation time than the French.