Cop Gunfight in Mississippi

The would-be killers more men and more firepower, but this Jackson police officer came out on top.

Somebody’s living right.

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"I think the whole thing is messed up,” one of the suspects’ cousins, who did not want to be named, told WLBT. “They say he was shooting at the police? I don’t believe that. Because that’s my little cousin. I know he ain’t gonna shoot at no police.”

“He was a good person. He didn’t bother anyone,” one of Elliot’s friends, who also did not want to be named, told the news outlet. “Everybody has their flaws – who’s to say they didn’t just kill him because they felt threatened by him?”

And there we have it.

There we have family and friends who don’t want to believe a person committed a crime? How unusual.

The natural consequence of all the previous shootings is suspicion of justified ones.

Do US citizens not have reason to distrust US law enforcement and their statements? Particularly Black US citizens.

17 years. Gross misconduct by an NYPD officer. The jury was picked, the trial held and sentence given all in one day. For a 14 year old boy.

Lots of distrust to overcome.

Excellent point. Even in the face of silent movies.


Hell of a job of staying in the fight and never giving up or giving in.

Also an excellent example of why you never hide behind a car door in a fight. Even that puny 9mm shredded it and got at least two solid hits on the dumbass attacker.

What percentage of police shootings prove not to be justified?

Not modern cars, no, but I used to have an Oldsmobile that I am pretty sure would have stopped bullets with the door.

The younger brother will now have to live the rest of his life knowing that he got his brother killed. Elliot started it but it was his actions that finished it. Why is there a culture of defiance when compliance is in order, that ends up getting themselves killed? Thanks to the BLM, they spotlighted excessive police force during “compliance” and I appreciate that. I was naïve to it. What they won’t address is when “defiance” is the root cause of the police force.

No. No car doors.

Nope. 99.9 percent of the time the officer is correct. Usually the whole thing results from resisting arrest from the citizen often times violent resistance.

No, they are not. Not even close.


On Thursday, Chauncey was released from the Hinds County detention center “in error,” the sheriff’s office said, according to WAPT.


Yeah. Not good.