Cop flips over a pregnant driver's car because she didn't pull over fast enough

True, but now the spotlight is on the incident. And a lawsuit is in the works. It can no longer be swept under the rug,

I consider you lucky for how the court case resolved. Most times when it’s cop’s word vs driver, the judge takes the cop’s word.

More and more as incidents like the one in the OP gain visibility, it’s going to be harder and harder for a cop to get away with just his say-so. Ditto with more dashcams and bodycams.

I think both have their rightful place in certain circumstances.

The incident in the OP was not such a circumstance.

The emergency lanes are there for a reason. She had plenty of room to pull over.

On the flip side of that, I wouldn’t want to be pulled over in one of those emergency lanes as either the cop or the driver.

Too many people don’t move to the inside lane and just wiz right by. It can be a very dangerous situation.

The pit maneuver seems extreme. He could have called for back up and just kept following her.

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the woman did exactly what the arkansas drivers manual says

“Pull over to the right side of the road – activate your turn signal or emergency flashers to indicate to the officer that you are seeking a safe place to stop,”

the cop should lose his job. and so shoudl his supervisors who said he didnt do anything wrong

It was a no brainier, the judge seen picture of my truck an interior and my jacket. Judge knew the cop was on fishing expedition.

I don’t know about Arkansas but you can sue a cop for recklessness in New York even during a chase. The standard is just higher. Not negligence but recklessness

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Here is another example of abuse of the qualified immunity.

It is not that they had the wrong address, they had the correct one but once they got there they decided that wasn’t the place(it was) and decided to raid the house next door. Lucky no one was killed

I agree. I saw the video. She slowed down when he flipped on his blue lights, put on her emergency flashers acknowledging that he wanted her to pull over. The shoulder wasn’t wide enough to safely pull off of the busy interstate and so she was making her way to the next exit. I fully understand her logic and the cop should be prosecuted. That maneuver was way out of line and notice how quick he was to defend himself as he approached the upturned car? He knew he blatantly ■■■■■■ up and crossed the line.


He should be toast.
He and the state may well lose the civil case but shouldn’t he be fired for assault?
It would be interesting to see what else has been reported on his record.

Of course the problem is that he wasn’t immediately removed and that needs to be changed.

“Cop are interchangeable.”
Now say that about some video about some black guy committing a crime and see what happens.
The thinking process is exactly the same.

I’m not stopping on a walled shoulder like that either.

That cop is trash. That department is trash. Charge him and his superiors.

Very real.

Cop is a race?

Do fleeing suspects usually give the courtesy of blinkers or hazard lights?

While the driver stopped most likely won’t be exiting her vehicle, the LEO will. If anything, Corporal Dunn waiting until she exited and stopped have been better for his safety.

If the procedure she followed for pulling over was consistent with the Arkansas Driver’s License Handbook, he may be in some trouble, as may those responsible for PIT being considered acceptable.

Cops are people, not stereotypes. Some will act irresponsibly, some will not. To say they are interchangeable is to say they would all have run that woman off the road.
Like a race, cops are groups of people. Different people.

Cop is a job.

The job is the problem, not the people.

No. That cop was not performing his job.

But he was.

That’s why he’s still employed. That’s why the department is running cover for him.

No one has said that is the proper procedure being applied in that case. Yes, he should be fired. No, not every cop would have done what he did.
Not interchangeable.