Cop Enters Wrong Apartment, kills Neighbor - No Charges


Them who? There were only two shots and one victim.


Exactly… .


It will be. Every aspect of the investigation has to be documented.


I’d say shooting your neighbor after walking I to his apartment is probable cause to verify her story


[quote=“Toll_Collector, post:462, topic:12156, full:true”]She is right that in many cases they do a complete search of the perps house. But this isn’t a mass shooter and completely different case. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they did get a warrant to search her house. Not sure what they’d be looking for, and that’s probably why they won’t.

Too late. As Botham was being buried, and as the police/media were dragging his name through the mud, Amber Guyger was moving out.


I’m sure they didn’t even consider searching her house. She’s a cop you know


the whole release of how they found less than 1/2 oz of pot in his apartment is a good explanation of why people kneel when teh anthem is played.




You guys should be investigators. You could dust her apartment for prints. Confiscate her computer and hide evidence you deem irrelevant.

I’m getting the impression, and not for the first time, that some of us in here are hoping there was some motive to her actions. When in all probability it was a mistake. But that doesn’t seem to suffice, does it?


No. We’re merely asking that someone who goes into someone else’s house and kills them gets properly investigated and detained, even if they are a cop. It’s weird how so many have tried to minimize a dead person.


Lots of people make mistakes. It just so happens that we live in a world where making a mistake tends to have dramatically different consequences based on what you look like and if you happen to wear a badge or not.


If there was really something nefarious going on with Amber Guyger don’t you think she would have come up with a better story? She could have said she was pulling up to her apartment when the victim flagged her down saying he thought someone broke into his apartment. So she drives up to his floor with him and goes to his apartment with him. There the big scary black man tries to sexually assault her forcing her to shoot him.

This story might not hold up but it would at least initially paint her as the victim.

Instead she gives a story that immediately condemns her and makes her look bad. Why would she do that except that its the truth? Obviously she screwed up but thats all it is, a tragic mistake. Has nothing to do with race or any of the usual BS the race peddlers on this board or in the media put it.


Ah to be a cop and be above the law


Yes he probably had a bootlegged DVD in his home too, probably should have released that info too because according to our resident non expert WildRose, not doing so would help the officers case.


Probably had a knock-off Gucci belt also. There’s only one reason the marijuana info was released and it was to sway public opinion and possibly taint the jury pool. You’d have to be a complete dumbass not to know the real reason that info was made public.


I just don’t understand that argument. How does disclosing that marijuana was found in the house help the prosecution? The claim was that not disclosing it helps the defense, but don’t see how as it has no relevance to the shooting.


Test the knob? Hopefully the door doesn’t open, it would be trespassing otherwise.


It’s too bad that he wasn’t armed. He would’ve still been alive if he shot the intruder.


Even so, she was wearing a vest.

I think I’m going to start wearing Kevlar at home. You never know when some dumb cop is going to barge in and shoot ya.


Or shoot you for reaching in your pocket for an ID