Cop Enters Wrong Apartment, kills Neighbor - No Charges


Ok, I just don’t see where it makes a difference. That info would come out eventually. What difference if it comes out now or during a trial? The answer is none.


The only difference is that hiding the information can taint the case against her for the reasons we’ve repeatedly stated.

This is nothing but an emotional appeal not based in any fact.


I don’t think there’s a difference. I won’t be surprised to see the marijuana brought up in her public defense, and I think the worry of what’s to come is what’s driving the response to the release.


We should be debating what charges she is facing, instead we’re talking about garbage. I’d like to know what people think as to the charges.


I think we’ve eliminated the possibility of murder completely unless something comes out establishing a prior relationship between them.

With the circumstances now being that her story is supported by the investigation we’re talking about either manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide.

There’s really no possibility that she isn’t found guilty of one of the other unless she gets lucky and there is a mistrial or hung jury. In the case of either there’s no way she isn’t retried unless the case were to be dismissed with prejudiced due to some gross act of the police or prosecution committing some sort of fraud or extremely serous ethical breech.


Rose, why do you personally attack people that disagree with you? No one here “hates” more than you. You fit the persona of a miserable old man.


He constantly preaches the same racist rhetoric with zero evidence to support any of it.

Claiming I’m a hater is laughable, I speak the truth and defend the facts.


She just killed a neighbor


She just walked into a neighbors apartment and killed them


Which gave them probable cause to get a warrant to search his apartment where the shooting took place.

She had not even been to her own apartment for over hours, there was no probable cause for a search warrant of it.


I dont know about you, but if someone walks into a neighbors house, kills that person, and the story isnt clear, you should probably search the shooters house to see if things can be cleared up lol


Crime scene investigations always focus on the actual crime scene. If there is something missing they’ll get a warrant to search elsewhere, but I’m not sure what they’d be looking for in her apartment in this case.


They could search for any evidence that she went home first. Like an unlocked door, lights on, etc.


They don’t need a warrant for that. Anyone can just walk by, test the knob and check for lights. Probably already been done.


Probably. I hope they did. Any evidence they did?


I’m assuming at the very least they’d want to corroborate her story of mistaking the crime scene for her apartment. You know, same apartment different floor.


That should be in the police report right?


I have no idea. But you’re starting to approach keystone cops territory.


You have yet to cite any probable cause for a search.

She hadn’t even been in her apartment for over 15 hours so it’s not even relevant in any way to the shooting.


They would not even need to enter the apartment to see if the door was unlocked or the lights on.
All of her work gear was in her bag which was found at the scene of the shooting indicating she had gone directly to the wrong apartment. that is corroborated by her car being parked on the same level.

Lights get left on all the time, it’s no indication either way of when she last entered her apartment anyway.