Cop Enters Wrong Apartment, kills Neighbor - No Charges


What do you think happened? What is it you don’t believe? Do you not believe she thought that was her apartment? If not, then you’re accusing her of walking into a total stranger’s apartment and killing them for no reason.


The presence of MJ changes nothing. She didn’t enter lawfully and had no lawful claim of self defense.

The presence of the MJ is noting but a fact resulting from the search which had to be delayed due to the fact the only person who could give consent for a search was dead.

As a result a warrant for the complete search and inventory had to first be obtained before searching beyond the actual crime scene.


I’ve already gone over it many times in this thread. Her story is just too hard to believe. Not necessarily from start to finish, but too much makes no sense.


Toxicology on both will be released in weeks once it’s completed.

Tox screens are not an instant test in spite of what you have learned watching CSI.


Guyger’s apartment is not a crime scene. What probable cause for a search exists?


He isn’t thinking, as usually he’s spewing his normal racist rhetoric without a thought.


The evidence obtained so far supports her story. She was inside his apartment when he fired and he was 15-20 feet inside when shot just as she claimed.

She still had no lawful use of deadly force nor claim of self defense. At a minimum she’s at least guilty of criminally negligent homicide.


Outrageous how exactly? It takes a few hours to conduct a search and report the findings, it takes weeks usually to get back a tox screen results.


It is a fact the MJ was found int he apartment, it has no bearing on her guilt of innocence.

Hiding anything found in the search creates reasonable doubt to aid her in her defense.


I know, I’ve read it. But the alternatives are limited. If there’s no history and he’s a complete stranger…

You can think she should have caught on to that not being her apartment, but obviously she didn’t. Consider the alternative. She realized it wasn’t her apartment, walked in anyway and killed someone. You do realize the chances of that are the same as 0, right?


Having marijuana in his house is no one’s business. The only thing they needed to publicize was evidence found related to the shooting.

What was found in the shooter’s apartment and what were the results of her toxicology?


She THOUGHT she was entering her own apartment. ■■■ kinda substances and paraphernalia could SHE possibly have inside? What’s the layout of her exterior and interior to make such to make such a foolish mistake?


By law it’s a matter of public record.

The shooter’s apartment is not a crime scene, what probable cause of a search of it exists?

Toxicology takes weeks.


There is no evidence she ever entered far enough to to know what was beyond the hallway.

The entire incident took place in the dark as well.

The building is a cookie cutter plan, all the floors are identically laid out and decorated.


I’d like to know what was found in the shooter’s house. What was in the victim’s house is irrelevant, except as it relates to the shooting.


You failed to state any probable cause for a search of Guyger’s apartment which was not a crime acne.


Did he have any beer in the home? How about paintings? Any mousepads or dustpans??? You know, for “public record”


None of those are illegal and would not be germane to the case.


Oh I don’t know. maybe because she was involved in an unlawful shooting.

That’s true about toxicology I guess. But I still say the fact the victim had marijuana in his house is totally irrelevant. What were they doing, searching all the rooms in his apartment?


Again, what probable cause exists to search her home which is not a creme scene?