Cop Enters Wrong Apartment, kills Neighbor - No Charges


Whether she knew if it was her apartment or not, will make the difference between manslaughter or murder.


She had to walk down that hallway a fair distance before she got to that door. She would have had to be looking at the ceiling to have not seen that rug.


How could you make the case for murder? I can’t imagine convincing a jury beyond a reasonable doubt she knew it wasn’t her apartment but went in anyway.


If she KNEW it was not her apartment, she could only have gone to that door and fired on the man with malice aforethought. (evil intent). That is murder.


For those that think she knew it wasn’t her apartment, walked in anyway and killed someone, can you hazard a guess at motive?


I can.
1.Take the jury to that hallway let them walk to that door and see if they believe she didn’t notice the red rug.
2. Put the two witnesses on the stand that claim they heard Guyger banging on the door, saying “Let me in”.
3. Prove there was a relationship between Guyger and Jean.


Number 3 could do it. But the circumstantial evidence like the red rug is not going to be enough to prove she knowing walked into an apartment with the intent to kill someone she hardly knew.


No, I can’t. Had there been a relationship between the two people, I could. Barring that I can’t think of a motive.


Yeah. We may not know all of the details. A connection between the two may be there. But aside from that…


The jury can’t enter the state of mind of the defendant knowing that the rug is there makes it unmissable.

Maybe she was walking down the hallway looking at her phone.


They take juries to visit crime scenes all the time.


He’s way late when it comes to making an issue about race, perhaps you should read the thread.

Race had nothing to do with this case yet some of you just can’t resist trying to make it all about race.

Neither Bill nor I have offered any sort of defense of her actions so cut out the dishonest accusations you know damn well are false.


Are you suggesting that perhaps she wanted to kill him? If so why?


I talking about how the left and media take any incident and use it to bash law enforcement, and yell racism.

It’s not like cops are shooting 50 people a day in Chicago.

How are you guys going to take all the guns away if you hate law enforcement?


Legally it would make no difference at all as to whether she had entered the apartment. Had it been her apartment she would still have a legal use of deadly force in self defense.


No I am not. The only possible motive for wanting to kill him that I can think of is a relationship gone bad. There is no evidence that I have heard of that indicates that. By the same token, I can’t imagine how she didn’t key on that rug.
We don’t know it all yet. There will be more things coming out that may start making sense.


She did voluntarily and with intent use a deadly weapon to shoot him. That’s voluntary manslaughter because in doing so she definitely knew he could likely be killed by her actions.

Honestly though the more I read the statutes in this case I think the appropriate charge is probably Negligent Homicide.

If the facts as reported are true there was never any criminal intent on her part.


When I was a kid they said we needed affirmative action to make sure the police force reflected the race of the people they worked around. The left has gotten that and now it’ s just that cops are bad…

So, apparently their first solution did not work, and now they have none. They’d rather let the kids kill each other, than support law enforcement…


The jury will be given all of the evidence and if necessary can be taken to the scene. Since the scene in the hallway cannot be preserved they will have to rely on photo and video taken of both floors.


If she didn’t enter the hallway, then I don’t see how it could be said she wasn’t legally present, the hallway is a perfectly legal place for her to be.

Which raises the possibility of self defense. Am I wrong?