Cop Enters Wrong Apartment, kills Neighbor - No Charges


Unless they can prove malicious intent on her part, when she opened that door and fired, they can’t prove murder.

A prior history between the two would seem the only way to do this, but I suspect the family lawyers are fishing for another way.

There have been pictures of Guyger and her family circulating supposedly making White Power signs and wearing racist T Shirts. I think the lawyers are behind it and they will try to make the case that Guyger knew the apartment was occupied by a Black and she just wanted to kill a Black and concoct an excuse to get away with it.


Days after this conversation started


No. I flipped the script. The guy who died was black. So I asked what would happen if a black guy walked into a cops house and killed her. You know damn well he would have been arrested on the spot


Have you ever put yourself in the victims shoes? The dude was shot and killed in his own house and somehow he’s to blame! Pathetic…


And there it is. Black guy gets killed, let’s defend the cop and attack his family. And ya’ll wonder why people are kneeling. I suppose it’s ok that you are bringing race into this. I’m anxiously waiting for @wildrose to call you out for making the race of the family an issue.


Where did I attack the family?


You and WR are talking about two different things here. He’s talking about the situation after she enters. You’re talking about the situation prior to entering. Forget how dumb you think she is, do you think she entered knowing it wasn’t her apartment? If not then throw all of those clues away.


Why would she would intentionally have gone to the wrong apartment and shot someone?
What did she stand to gain by doing that?


Did she enter the apartment before shooting him? The arrest affidavit does not say this.

More importantly, if she didn’t enter the apartment, therefore being being in the hallway “legally” as you stated, would it matter to her defense.


Well of course. Most people would lie to save their skin given the opportunity. Especially now that there is only one side to the story. Self defense should be out because she was the intruder, not him.

I’m still sticking to second degree manslaughter. The grounds for voluntary manslaughter aren’t there. In fact, It’s closer to some examples of second degree murder. However, with the lack of malice or intent that led to the shooting, any murder charge will be difficult.


Perfect article for dems, they can hate cops and yell racism…


What are you talking about… She went into the wrong apartment and killed this man. Everyone should hate this cop for her actions


No. It wouldn’t matter. If you came home, opened the door and saw an intruder in your house, you can use deadly force. Her problem will be convincing a jury that she thought it was her apartment. If I was on that jury, the bright red rug would cause her problems.


Well, it was the same number just wrong floor. I don’t see why anyone would believe she didn’t think it was her apartment let along prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she knew it wasn’t.


Well, it’s still manslaughter, in my opinion. Not first degree murder.


I can accept the idea that she may have been zoned out, walking along on autopilot, and not paying attention. She really has no business being a police officer after this.


I pretty much agree except for that bright ass red rug in front of the door. How could she possibly have missed that? It looked like something that is waved at bulls in the arena.

Here it is. The flower pots were put there after the shooting.


Not looking at her feet, that’s all.


Wouldn’t she feel herself standing on it. If you didn’t have a rug like that in front of your apartment door, wouldn’t that rug alert you that it wasn’t your door?


Dunno. Depends on how thick it is and maybe even the types of shoes she is wearing.

Personally, I don’t care if she actually thought it was her apartment. One, I don’t believe her story and even if I did she didn’t take a reasonable precaution to ensure it was her apartment she was looking into in the first place. She did not act like a reasonable person no matter what her defense is.