Conway includes late-night comedians in blame for Pittsburgh

This is astonishingly intellectually dishonest. Bowers acknowledges that his anger at Soros for funding the caravan was a catalyst for his attack. Yesterday, Fox Business, admitting its anti-Semitic tone, apparently took down all traces of the Chris Farrell interview that blamed the caravan on, among other leftist entities, the “Soros-occupied State Department”. But yeah, Myers and Colbert are responsible.

I watch them often. They are unapologetically savage in their mocking of Donald Trump, and absolutely contribute to the political diviseness we all claim to abhor.

I’m a Christian. If anyone should be attuned to and sensitive about mockery of my religion, it’s me. That’s not what they do, if you bother to watch. They call out religious hypocrisy, such as Pat Robertson saying that the murder of Jamal Koshoggi (“one man”) should not be a consideration in our business dealings with Saudi Arabia. Colbert’s quip was along the lines of “As all Christians know, one man’s death can never be that important.” You can consider that a mockery of religion or, as I do, you can consider it well-justified political satire. As all Christians know, Jesus had a real problem with religious hypocrisy.

I have NEVER heard Myers or Colbert mock the sincere faith of any Christian, Muslim, or Jew. Any jokes I’ve heard from them usually involve a disparity between a religious leader’s public statements or actions and the supposed tenets of their faith. If you have evidence otherwise please post a link. It shouldn’t be hard, as all of their show clips are available online.

Oh my god why

Un ■■■■■■■ believable.

Yes, laughing at late night shows makes one want to go and shoot up things.

Alternative facts, indeed.

Sidenote: I believe Colbert is a practicing Catholic.

Stephen Colbert is literally a Sunday School teacher.

When the hell was the last time Donald Trump attended church, in any non-ceremonial or political context?

Sarah Sanders on Trump’s rhetoric: He has brought our country together. :rofl:

Stephen Colbert is devoutly Catholic btw.

Because it works.

(unless you consider cult member rallies doing that)

Counterpoint from Kellyanne Conway’s husband:



Because it works.


Bit tough for me to be cynical about this particular one, fellas.

Deep cut: “I teach Sunday School, motherf*$!er!”

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I will bet dollars to dog nuts that Trump has a Nixon style “Enemy’s List”. And it includes any high profile person who does not sing his praises. It was interesting today to watch Sarah Baby lay it down that Trump has done such a good job at bringing the country together in all of the tragedies we have endured. And yes, it is still all the media’s fault.

How long do you think they’'ll stay married?

I’m sorry, Tommy. I’m aware of your connection to the Tree of Life, and I don’t mean to add to your grief. I’m not feeling cynical, I’m effing pissed. I don’t blame Trump for Pittsburgh. But it’s not helpful AT ALL to respond to this horror by blaming the media, as he just did.

I understand.

I still have friends in Squirrel Hill too (Dormont born and bred but had many Taylor Allderdice friends…we competed against them in math competitions and quiz bowl…yes I was an am a nerd).

But it’s not cynical. It’s realism…even in my toughest moments I can’t give up my realism.

But I feel for ya man!

They must have the angriest make-up “talks”.

Also, it’s worth keeping in mind that he didn’t kill them for some abstract “religiosity.”

His explicit motive–which he repeated on social media–was the fact that HIAS (founded as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) was providing aid to immigrants/refugees (or as Bowers wrote, “hostile invaders.”)

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