Conway and spicer asked to resign positions

Who cares what she thinks.

She serves at the pleasure of the POTUS.


What does this have to do with Donald trump.

He’s not POTUS anymore.


So… a thread about the hilarious irony of previous Trump surrogates is… what is it again?

Oh? Is that what the thread was about?

Seems that it didn’t become about that until the Trump veins started bulging in your neck.

You do know that is based on Article II of the Constitution and there is a consensus on it?

To wit:

The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.

Article II, Section 1, first sentence.

The argument is one of degree.

For your stare decisis lovers, see:

Nixon v. General Services Administration

Ask Jezz. He’s the one who started spouting about Trump. :man_shrugging:

Right… yeah… a thread about two high profile and antagonistic figures in the previous administration complaining about shattering norms… something that the previous administration did with glee would never be about the previous administration.

That tracks.

OK, well take it up with your fellow lib who started the thread and said it’s not about Trump. :man_shrugging:

News cycle control story. Close to the Fake news…

What’s fake about the ouster of a POTUS critic who serves at the pleasure of the POTUS on the Air Force academy visitors board.


I didn’t say it was fake, like the Oklahoma story you posted, I said it was news cycle control.

There is a clip out there with Conway explaining trump can fire anyone at anytime.

Somehow you did mention fake in your post.

Mine was just a clarification.


LOL libs were singing a different tune when Trump asked former Obama employees to step down.

Remember the libs outrage here when Trump fired 46 federal prosecutors that served under Obama? Yeah that was a real hoot.


Is she saying she can’t be fired now?

Like this instance that was a departure from the norms. But hey, you wanted trunk to burn it all down. I guess you got your wish. All the norms are out the window now.

She is complaining that it is a departure from the norm.

Are you saying Trump started it?

Yawn, who cares?

Iirc didn’t bush fire a bunch of attorneys that typically would be left to run out their terms?

But I think it’s undeniable that trump destroyed a lot of presidential norms.

Most recently and one of the most significant ones being, not being present at the inauguration to participate in the peaceful transfer of power.