Continuation of the Biden riots in Philly

Speaking of Obama, wasn’t he just in Philadelphia?


1985 MOVE bombing. the fire department then let the fire burn
killed 11 in the house and then destroyed 65 other houses

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the left has no leadership or ideas what else do you expect?

Boy you guys have ended up in a dilly of a pickle haven’t you? Do you use this to scare Midwestern rube white people and alienate the black vote you’ve been assiduously courting for some reason for months-even to the point of endorsing reparations lol-or do you. . .

I’m just kidding. There’s no second choice.


Rallying the troops.

Leave it to Donald Trump to create a political environment where protests against police are a political benefit to the Democrats nationally for the first time in modern history.

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They were spoiled rotten at home and indoctrinated at college.


Yeah kids from inner city Philly are well known for their comfortable home lives and high rates of college education.

You guys don’t even try anymore. Lol.


Yes, he got 300 cars.

There were as many Trump supporters as Biden supporters at a recent rally.

Trump held three rallies around Pennsylvania yesterday, then returned to Washington for the Coney Barrett swearing in the evening. He has tremendous energy.

Philly… Ghettos on the four points of the compass right up against Universities.

When I first started dating my wife, she still had a house in Northern Liberties.

I was blown away at how much Philly was the WIld West… and this was 2011.

I’m not sure if these folks even know who’s running for President (or care).

No, but he’s leading the riots.

Why do you suppose that is? :wink:

Only city I’ve ever felt genuinely in danger for no reason in the hood. And I’m from DC and I’ve been to housing projects the size of small cities like Queensbridge. I felt safer in West Baltimore and West Baltimore looks like London after the Blitz.

Sounds like the short skirt rationalization.


That would be brutal. Shoot the knife, not the hand. Its the weapon’s fault, after all.


Where are the social workers when you need them?


She was able to buy a house in Northern Liberties in the 90’s for $69,000.

Sold it a few years ago for five times the worth.

The next block over is the projects.

Philly is wild.

Libs mentality.

No. It’s an absolute fact that the Philly PD is both incredibly brutal and incredibly corrupt. Just Google it. They’re a ■■■■■■■ mess. The biggest police corruption scandal since Frank ■■■■■■■ Serpico was in Philly a few years ago.

It’s impressive really, PDs are usually brutal or corrupt, but not both. Cities like Philly and New Orleans really raise the bar for police misconduct on all levels.