Continuation of the Biden riots in Philly

Thirty police officers were injured after police shot a man who charged at them with a knife.

Didn’t the Biden supporters get the message to stop rioting until after the election?


Remember this past summer when the Philly police kettled protestors on the interstate and then fired tear gas into a crowd that had no way to escape?

I am sure a lot of these people remember that.


They couldn’t wait.

Apparently they think they can charge a cop with knife and nothing should happen to em.

You come out me with knife…I’ll shooting em. End of story.


Lol @ literally anyone in this thread who’s going to claim the Philadelphia PD has any sort of moral high ground.


biden riots. lol. gold

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Remembering and knowing doesn’t necessarily transcend into common sense thinking. Perhaps one should ponder placing oneself into another dicey situation like getting a whiff of the old CS having nowhere to retreat?
I am of the opinion some of the young ideological squat for brains who go out and engage in this type of behavior may have had their developing brains compromised with tainted baby formula as nursing infants.

We are a few months removed from the Philly police teargassing and firing rubber bullets into a crowd of protestors that had no way to disperse and then lie about the use of force and people are wondering why violent protests against the Philly police are escalating?

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And remember, they’re not just brutal, they’re unbelievably corrupt too. The FBI won’t accept their crime statistics. The two biggest police corruption scandals of the last decade have been Philly PD.


What ever happened to “the talk”??

Didn’t they once bomb a city block?

Yeah, in the 70s I think or early 80s. The mayor then was the former police chief and publicly exhorted his cops to beat the ■■■■ out of people on a regular basis, not unlike a current president who shall remain nameless.

And I can’t stress this enough, this is the city of Philadelphia. This is just how they do things there.

They should have shot him in the leg.

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Biden riots. Just stupid enough for people to believe it.

Wait, is Biden the president?

you mean the trump riots

Only Democrats area allowed to use a gun against someone with knife:


It’s just so terribly stupid. Seven days.

It’s gonna get a lot worse.

wonder who theyd all vote for