Contempt of Parents’ Rights

I guess there isn’t enough criminal activity in Canada that the RCPP (Royal Canadian Pronoun Police) became necessary. Family violence is calling your daughter your daughter and she?

I’m sorry, what?!

This young woman’s parents did not consent to her receiving medical treatment for gender dysphoria. It won’t alter her chromosomes, and calling her a biological girl is criminal?

Somehow I don’t see Gay/Lesbian defense groups as behind this incident. Even American tennis players Martina Navratilova and her coach, Renee Richards regard sex as binary:

I see it more as the left, dominated by whites who are not part of the groups, like GLBTQ+, they claim to defend pushing it.

And it’s good neither for parents of teens like this young woman, nor the teens themselves.

Many of you don’t mind turning your parenting decisions over to the state, or, in this case, the crown?

Well, OK.:frowning:

His mom did.

It’s the year 2020, what the heck do children need parents for when government can fill all the gaps?