Containment policy for republicans

This election strategy is to prevent libs from breaking out of their elitist enclaves. It’s why libs are now spending out of state money into rural states…they’re trying to break out. They know they won’t have a chance to win national election without buying off few states.

So I would adopt containment policy to keep em pen in to there own enclaves/stronghold.

Reinstate voting based on land ownership like the founders intended.

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I think this is happening because more and more races in historically Republican held districts are becoming competitive.

Mostly because of outside money.

Are you saying the races are becoming more competitive because of outside money?

And repeal the 19th Amendment.

And we know how badly some of these guys hate the 17th amendment.

Too much power in the hands of the people and not the state.


Are you against Citizen’s United now?

You love your conservative Supreme Court, do you not? You love their Citizens United decision, correct? If so, just be still and munch on its consequences.

Eat your peas, lib. Citizens United. Big money in politics. You libs love it.


Can you answer the question? Are you now, not cool with Citizen Untited?

What an articulate and insightful OP.

Like blood cells fighting cancer?

How long have you followed politics Conan? Bout 2 years? Don’t have a chance in a federal election? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Sounds like we need some strict campaign finance laws.

Citizens United, con.

Hold your nose, eat them peas, lib.

Take Stacey Abrams that’s running for Governor of Georgia for example. I would make it clear that she is bought and paid for by elitist snobs in San Francisco and New York…do you want out of state elitists snobs running your daily lives? Because that’s what’s going to happen if you vote for Abram.

That how you present it to people of Georgia.

Yet… when a candidate is presented as being backed by the Koch network of dark money… well… that’s just patriotic.

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I think repealing the Seventeenth Amendment has more credit than you give it.