"Consider it a rifle" - Trump calls on Americans to murder anyone tossing rocks at the border

Because apparently he hasn’t gone far enough with this disgusting fear mongering yet, our dear President is now calling on troops he is sending to the border to consider anyone tossing rocks as armed with a rifle. The only logical conclusion is that he is calling for the use of deadly force if one of these refugees throws a rock.

How do you cons feel about this now? Does the prospect of the strongest military in the world firing into a group of impoverished men, women, and children give you a thrill? After all, they are all drug dealers and rapists, right?

I guess if you consider that a proportional response, then it’s no big deal…

If someone skips rocks across the rio grande do we call in the Navy?


God Bless Our Troops, The Flag, Trump, and America.

The scary isn’t that you didn’t agree or disagree with Trump’s statement. The real scary part is that you put Trump before America.

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If they’re just impoverished men, women and children, they wouldn’t be throwing rocks.

If agents start snatching those children, rocks should be thrown. There is absolutely no reason why a parent should believe that they will ever see their kid again if they’re separated.

If a rock hits you in the head it can kill you. I think what trump is saying makes sense. We shouldn’t put soldiers at risk without giving them the means of defending themselves.

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I’m sure it doesn’t.

But consider the bigger picture. If these people are allowed to force their way into our country, it will only embolden more and larger caravans.

Having said that, what I’d love to see is our military going into Mexico and executing all drug lords. No trial, just put 'em down like the animals they are.

Ya go cons and trumpists talk about gunning down Mexicans at the border MAGA :us:

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No reason to force themselves… Under federal law they merely need to show up at a port entry and claim asylum…

I don’t know why this has to be brought up over and over. Applying for asylum in America is not illegal. That’s all the people in the “caravan” are seeking to do.

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Makes sense, it’s not like you can stop them from being even remotely dangerous with a simple face shield and helmet.

Rifle Bless Our Rifles, The Rifle, Rifle, and Rifle.

I mean as long as we’re pretending things are rifles that aren’t really rifles

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You’re right. What we need in this country is rock control!

A registry would save lives.

Actually, we need to impose rock control in Mexico. If we want to address the actual threat these people pose, we need to impose rock control about 900-1000 miles south of the border, where the caravan actually is.

Ultimately, though, the only way to stop a migrant with a rock is a good man with a gun.



What’s the appropriate response to this:

Now, I’m not advocating lethal force as an initial response. However, this isn’t acceptable behavior and it should be addressed. How should it be addressed?

The Mexican army was defeated with rocks at the “La Batalla de las Pequeñas Piedras” just a few days ago, we need to be on guard.

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If we had landmines on the border this wouldn’t be happening.