Conservtive PAC may have to disclose its donors

if im reading this right karl rove’s crossroads PAC may have to disclose its donors of over $200

they were sued to disclose them and a court ordered the donors to be disclosed.
the supreme court temporarily stayed the order until today when they refused to stay it further.

If money = speech in political campaigns, we should know who’s doing the talking.


So that DEMs can shut them down. That’s really what this is all about. DEM opposition must be silenced at all cost.

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Yeah, I keep saying we need a prison camp established on Manhattan Island, and send all Trump voters there after 2020.

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From a legal perspective, this is a fascinating move on the part of the Court.

Political donations should not be anonymous.

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So you admit that we are all powerful.

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Not surprising that you would find censorship something to be proud of.


All powerful? Of course not. Proven to have used political donation lists to harass people, absolutely.

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And be careful what you wish for, the only option remaining is to adopt the lefts tactics and see if they are still convinced it’s ok to do.

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This may mean we get to see where the Soros money is going as well. :+1::sunglasses:

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Don’t count on it. DEMs do a really good job of burying their major donors. None of it will ever lead back to Soros, even though he is pulling all of the strings.

The truly dark money is the Soros money.

Good. We should.

I’m struck by the fact that the NRA is such a big donor. Time and time again conservatives here argue the NRA isn’t a big contributor to elections.

This is bad for republicans since it will shine a light on the funneling of russian money into their campaign coffers…

Disclosing donors is not censorship, its the opposite.

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Go right ahead.


Except it’s not. Soros doesn’t use 501c4s to hide where his money goes.

Derp derp. Except that’s not what anyone said. Donors to liberal PACs should be disclosed too.

Another Trumpster fail.