Conservatives Only Please

They liked him because he needed to be liked. That need allowed him and by proxy the American people to be exploited. All while they were laughing behind his back.

America and Americans are doing great. We don’t need the “approval” of those abroad. No more than you need our approval to run your country as you see fit.

None of your damn business.

Yes you do if you don’t want to be in wars continually.

Trump’s cozy relationship with Putin is not good for us. But his racism is hurting us as is his obsession with getting back at Obama. He’s a sick demented man.

The whole democrat lineup? What about Marianne Williamson?

In other words, your life has improved like the rest of us. lol

Translation- Nothing has changed.

Your current President was so scared of the reaction and reception he would receive from the general public in the UK he stay cloistered away from them.

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I am no fan of my country’s current Federal government; so go for it.

So, again. What is your definition of “saving the country”?

Really? So if a country likes us, they won’t go to war with us. Is that your premise?

Waiting for Nimarata Haley to run.

Besides . . .

Who in the world would admit out in the public that they would vote for Trump and get the snot kicked out of them by antifa, go deaf from a native American beating a drum in your face, get doxxed by a Hispanic or chased out of a restaurant.

Its safer to lick on a tub of ice cream, put the lid back on and return it back to the freezer at walmart than to tell others you will vote for Trump

Yes heaven forbid that kids should hear the truth.

Chaaaching! Give that man a ceeegar!!! :+1::rofl:

Is that supposed to mean something? :thinking:

I said it before, I’ll say it again…if the country can survive two terms of Obama, we’ll survive Trumps next five terms.

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Keep :thinking:. :slight_smile:

You seem a little testy. Just relax. :+1::grin:

You can say it again and it won’t be any more insightful.