Conservatives are irate the Parkland shooter registered to vote from jail — as a Republican

This article is a great example of what Trumpism does to the brain…

"A father of a Parkland school shooting victim appeared on “Fox & Friends” over the weekend and suggested, without evidence, that Democrats registered the accused shooter to vote from jail as part of an effort to steal Florida’s election.

“It just shows you how despicable these Democrats are that they’ll stoop that low to go into the prison, the jail, and register these criminals,” said Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow was one of 17 people Nikolas Cruz allegedly shot and killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February. “It’s never been done in 20 years.”

“He registered as a Republican, which “Fox & Friends” didn’t mention.”

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Lol excellent.


Here we keep hearing it is Democrats who want to dump on the Constitution, as if no Right Wingers ever would, yet we keep having stories come forth, like this one, that time and time again prove eschewing the rights of the Constitution is not endemic to any one side of the aisle.

Until he is convicted at trial and loses his right to vote, like it or not, he gets to exercise that right, even from his jail cell.

Would have been nice to have Fox News people have Andrew show them his evidence that Democrats went into the jail and was registering those being held for trial who were still eligible to vote.

Maybe he didn’t do that because Cruz perhaps downloaded a registration online and sent it in that way?

Seems to me that if this was (which it wasn’t) some Democrat conspiracy to steal the mid term election in Florida that those people doing the registering would have tossed Cruz’s registration in the shredder before turning it in seeing as how he REGISTERED AS A REPUBLICAN.


Got to love Trumplicans like Andrew Pollack. So many of them are brain addled by Trumpism.

Andrew wants people to believe that Democrats are crafty enough to conspire to sneak into Florida jails to surreptitiously register detainees to vote yet they are not crafty enough to destroy a REPUBLICAN voters registration.


Reminds me of those idiots from both sides of the aisle who thought President George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were crafty enough to sneak into New York City, offload tons of explosives and equipment at the WTC complex, then perfectly prewire perfectly placed explosives to bring the Towers Down in massive implosions, while he was way down south reading to school kids.

They want us to believe all of that.

Yet they never explained how the crafty duo were unable to, half a world away, without witnesses around, without the media, they could not plant evidence in Iraq of WMD’s so as to justify the Iraqi invasion.

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If he hasn’t been convicted of a Felony yet, then there is no issue with me with him registering to vote. Since he hasn’t lost all constitutional rights by mearly being arrested and thrown in jail. Doesn’t mean squat if he registered as a Republican, Democrate, or Spagetti Monster follower.

The linked article wasn’t about you.

No kidding?

Just showing all trump supporters, and all republican’s can’t be lumped into a nice neat little ball.

I agree completely but what’s fascinating about this story is how far Trumpers will go in distorting the facts, framing this as some nefarious act. Important details left out like…he registered as a Republican, just to cause “outrage”

I’m glad this man was allowed to vote. I think more people like him should be enfranchised.

That was a pretty convincing crisis actor on f&f…

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I don’t think the complaint is that he shouldn’t have the right, the question is who would go out of their way to get this murdering bastard registered to vote and why?

I think that it is doubtful that he was specifically targeted by anyone to register to vote.

One of the big issues in Florida this year has been the re enfranchisement of felons’ voting rights.

My bet is that this was part of that effort.

A Democrat stumping voter registration outside a local store registered my daughter as, wait for it a……. Republican so what exactly is your point? The grieving and angered father was upset because it was Democrats that actually went into a prison to register voters.

They still have a right to vote until that right is taken away via due process.

This is really a nonissue, since the right to vote should be encouraged to be exercised by all eligible citizens.

There’s very strict rules about how voter registration drives occur. You can’t pick and choose who registers with you.

Whats wrong with that? They’re Americans and if they have the right to vote they should exercise that right, if assistance is needed due to their situation some accommodation is a reasonable thing to do.

As I said, Andrew Pollack didn’t identify who it was that got Cruz registered or even that it definitely was a second party that did that. He went off the partisan rails condemning Democrats for engaging in the Constitutional conduct, but he did not identify by name any specific group and or individual(s). It could have been Cruz himself who applied for the voter registration application.

Perhaps Fox News will do some real journalism and go find out those missing facts?

What evidence did Andrew Pollack provide that is was actually Democrats who went into that jail and provided Cruz with a Florida Registration application?

He did not identify an individuals who did that, he did not identify any specific group that did that.

From his unhinged ravings it seems to me he merely ASSUMED it was evil Democrats trying to steal an election. Which he never has explained how registering Republicans to vote worked into the Democrats efforts to steal an election.


Even if it was some Democratic Voter Registration drive, so what?

If one is on a drive to register people to vote you defeat your purpose if you start excluding eligible electors, for any reason.