Conservative lawyers send letter urging "expeditious" impeachment investigation

Well it looks like mission has been accomplished and the poster deflected the conversation away from the actual issues being discussed.


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Two sides of the same coin, you said.

Or maybe…you didn’t?


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Now…you’re chasing your tail…Have fun.

Just makes me think it’s all a game to the political types and its only the little people that take the BS they spout seriously. I can imaging all of them, left and right, sitting together in cigar smoke filled rooms, reading the vitriol the partisan hacks write on boards like this and laugh at us all.

Lol you’re the best. Keep ignoring the other side of Donald’s coin! :+1:

Thanks dude. My first toast this evening is…to you. :tumbler_glass: :sunglasses:

Skoll! Next time we’re in Istanbul together I’ll spring for Trump Tower kebabs!


Yeah gross. And I don’t believe it. If I was a Trump worshipping apologist the sex situation in my marriage would not be awesome.

James Carville and Mary Matalin are the same way…Its the old pposites attract.


See, here they’re about to role play with George being the young poolboy and her being the naughty bored housewife:

Got Celibacy?

Not on me, no

Yes. This a million times over. It can’t be said enough.

Hmm I suppose because personal lives of out opponent’s are brought up when it is convenient, particularly by the right. In fact, it was one of the first things Trump brings up all the time about Ilhan Omar and others.

Donald Trump had to get a foreign power to investigate the Corrupt Bidens because the United States Intelligence Agencies cannot be trusted. This whole “whistleblower” hoax is evidence that Donald Trump knew that if he asked the FBI to investigate the Corrupt Bidens that it would almost immediately be unfairly leaked to the press. I don’t fault Donald Trump for being cautious, given how many people, in both parties, want to bring him down. The Deep State runs deep, that’s why they call it that. Deep State.