Conserative take the lead now the likely favor to win but wait NDP threaten coalition (Canadian Election)

with only a week or so till the election the conservative have pulled ahead becoming the new front runner for the first time since the start of election season.

but the NDP is throwing wrench into play suggesting that they will possibly seek a coalition government with the liberal to take control over the federal government.

neither the liberal or the conservative are going to win a majority (polling at less then 10% odds) so the question will be can the conservative win enough seat with support of other parties (mostly likely the bloc) to take control.

or will the liberal steal the prize from under their feet with support of the NDP and Green party.

Is this about Canadian elections?

Yes, the election will effect U.S trade with oil and NAFTA 2.0 still having to pass the House.

Might help to edit the thread title and op then so people have a clue what you’re referring to.

I certainly didn’t have any problem knowing that this was about the Canadian election. I don’t understand why there was any confusion.