Conserative attack Olympian for withdrawing from match, calling her weak and shame to American people

Moron founder of Turning Point USA attacked one of the greatest Olympians in American history Simone Biles because she withdrew from match, calling her names and blaming her for them not winning Gold.


Simone Biles, sociopath? Kirk should be laughed out of the western hemisphere.

Instead, “Sociopath Simone” will be conservative canon by, what, Thursday night?


Dude knows how to troll, that’s for sure.


Hopefully she’ll be OK.

It was a cruddy thing to do to her team mates.


this is the first time since entering majors competition she hasn’t won first place.

That poor girl.

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Yeah, pretty â– â– â– â– â– â– â– 

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Guess that’s a good reason to walk away and quit on your teammates.


mental health is a big part of elite athletics she didn’t feel like she could compete.

Especially that sport.

Because she messed up on her vault?

Sorry, I don’t think her teammates find that sportsman like conduct.

Did you see her first vault? It was horrible. She could have stayed in and really screwed it up for her team, perhaps even costing them the silver. She was way off and he knew it. And I will bet that not one of her teammates will be critical of her decision.

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her teammates fully supported her choice.


Not out loud anyway.


So they are lying?

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But you’ll know the truth. :laughing:

It was the right choice by her and the team.
since she is still slotted in a few other events, the possible of her hurting herself would be devastating to the team.

I guess it’s possible they like quitters, not likely though.

So they are liars. Ok. I’m sure they were upset. No doubt. But they seem like a strong team to me.

What’s your angle here? Why the need to make the teammates seem vindictive?