Consecutive Post Rule

Can we bump the 5 consecutive post rule to 10 please?

It is sometimes necessary when one is dealing with a group pile on.

We can always quote multiple posts in one post if we are talking to multiple people. The rule is there to prevent spam, I think.


Agree. Ten posts are flooding.


If you are one of the lumped together people, that makes your response more difficult.

I frequently bump up against the 5 post limit because of the time zone I am in. I often come into a tread where I have been actively posting and find more than five comments directed at me to respond to. And because most of the participants have left for the day, there is usually no one to break up my string of posts.

As I understand it, the limit is meant to prevent flooding, but that behavior can be stopped with flags. There really is no good reason to have the limit set so low.

Not if each post is a direct response to a comment directed to you.


But what if the comments consist of emojis, repeated catch phrases, or otherwise don’t really do anything to move the discussion forward?

I’m not accusing you of that-just in general.

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What if that? So what, that’s what. We’re just chatting here. Casual conversation often goes along like the ball in a pinball machine. There is always a bit of fluff in any casual conversation that does not advance the discussion.

A smiley face barrage I think doesnt come out to that


And how often does that happen five times consecutively?

Personally, I have never seen that.

I have once or twice when I was passionate about a certain topic.

But usually one or two get the job done.


It will be taken under advisement.

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The next reply meant to troll this thread will catch 2 weeks off.

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I would appreciate that. I am currently hung up by the limit in the NZ gun law thread, unable to respond to a post directed to me until someone comes in and breaks up my consecutive string. I cannot tell you how many times that has happened to me simply because I live fours hours later than most of you.

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What’s the best way to do that ? Feels like it was more intuitive on the old board.

Phone/tablet or pc?

Doesn’t matter… highlight the post you’d like to quote, “quote” will pop-up, hit quote. Go to next post you’d like to quote and do it again. The string will appear in your reply box.

First is last, unfortunately. Or I just haven’t done it enough to figure out how to organize it. If I need to I just rearrange it in the reply box.


I don’t see a quote button anywhere, I see a Reply button, so when I press it like I just did under your post I get a text box and if i hit Quote in the upper left of that text box, then yes your quoted post is in my reply.

But what I am having difficulty with is including multiple posts in one reply because when I go to another post inside the thread and hit Reply, it doesn’t appear to do that. At least it won’t give me an easy option to quote that post inside my reply.

Wait, wait, wait, nevermind I got it !! So all I had to do was select text and press on the “Quote” pop-up and it appears. That’s easy :slight_smile:


Don’t be rude.

When you hit the quote button after highlighting a post, it will be inserted into the reply box wherever the cursor is.

From my experience.

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