Connecticut police department fires officer who warned he was 'a little

Wow… Blue lives matter huh

I don’t see what’s wrong with an officer informing a criminal the simple truth of what will happen if they decide to fight or flee the crime scene.

Fleeing a crime scene means you’ll get shot and killed?

If at any point during an attempt to flee the crime scene, the officer feels as if he in danger, he is legally justified in putting the criminal down. Maybe the criminal was reaching at his waist band while fleeing. That should be enough.

Well, if you’re black in some parts of the country there is a decent chance.

Key phrase “if in danger”. Just because someone is fleeing doesnt mean you get to gun them down.

Feel free to disprove that the criminal made an aggressive step toward the officer while reaching at his waist. Unless there’s video, they’re going to trust the officer’s word.

What are you talking about? They fired the officer

I guess there was a video. The officer should have confiscated that contraband and destroyed it. Oh well, we don’t need incompetent cops on the street.


What crime scene?

The men in the group, whom Barone allegedly suspected of trespassing

Notice this one didn’t actually shoot.

:rofl: Yeah, they only actually shoot in Mississippi.

calirepub is a BS poster and doesn’t post seriously. He believes he’s being satirical.

@ImRightYoureWrong knows this.

Prove it…

Dang it.

I said “it”. Not the definition of prove.

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Great. Another Mr Capitalism. Just what we need.