Congressman tries to board plane with gun

Not the brightest bulb on Broadway.

young and dumb.

He’s got time to mature.


And he’s a member of Congress? That’s pathetic.

I get the feeling that Cawthorn is going to flame out spectacularly.


Already missed votes due a honeymoon.

Don’t you schedule those type of things during recess?


Stop the presses, he might get a fine. :rofl:


He must be a republican or these guys wouldn’t care or mention it.


The gun was black. :wink:


Oh well that’s ok then. :wink:


Honestly, the loss of special security status is much worse than some paltry fine.

The black gun was detained. The white Congressman got on his flight and went about his day. :wink:

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Yeah? Well that’s ok. :grinning:

We know libs don’t really mind guns however, look at the indifference they give to armed rioters and weekend shootings in Chicago and else where.

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Nothing to see there. This unloaded, secured firearm is the real tragedy! lol


That’s clearly their out look!

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A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

except on airplanes




Stupid move.

And, to be blunt, I don’t believe his excuse that it was a mistake. In fact, just about anyone who gets caught at something like this tries to say it was a mistake or an accident or a mere oversight.

Most people are careful about the size of the shampoo bottle they pack in their carry-on. (And I’ll bet he did too.) But somehow he “mistakenly” tossed in the gun and fully loaded clip…

We all know you don’t mess around with airport security regulations. Heck, you don’t even joke about them within the confines of the airport property!

I have no pity for whatever repercussions this guy will face.


We should cane him or something.

As noted in the OP article, “Republican Cawthorn will likely face fines and a loss of any special fast-track boarding status.”

Were I given a choice of those repercussions or a one-time caning, I might opt for the latter.

Maybe we could heat the barrel up and burn his arm a little with it.

I got hit on the calf with a branding iron when I was a kid, remember it like it was yesterday.

Meh I brought a fair size pocket knife to the airport once, was there to pick someone up. Luckily I figured it out in time to turn it over to security before entering the secure area. Held it for me and returned it on my way out.