Congressional Democrats Can Sue Trump

I have to wonder how long before Trump resigns to keep people from looking at his finances too closely.

I will bet you dollars to dog nuts that Mueller already has.

See you in SCOTUS

Annnnndddd, got bumpkiss

Probably the best thing the Dems can do is to keep poking Trump with the impeachment stick.

I’m wondering what relief the plaintiffs are seeking from the court.

Suppose the court finds that Trump has violated the Emoluments clause, then what?

The court can’t impeach him. So … what does the lawsuit seek as relief from the alleged violation of the constitution?

A stated goal is to have the court order President Trump to either

  1. Divest himself of any holdings of any companies receiving payments from foreign governments; or

  2. Somehow ensure the companies he owns no longer take money from these governments.

Which was made so obvious every time Trump refused to release his tax returns.

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