Congress reaches deal to fund gun violence research for first time in decades

It’s the first time in more than 20 years that Congress has appropriated money for gun violence research.

This is excellent news.

How original…congress is funding their own operative research using tax payers money.


By all means, tell us how it should be done.

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Courts are stacking. Gonna need some fresh numbers to cook. :wink:


Precisely…and to counter gun rights groups growing influence.

So you have no problem with democrats using tax payers funds to do operative research against another segment of our society?


Afraid of what the results might be?

I know what results will be.

So I’ll ask again.

So you have no problem of using tax payers funds to do operative research on another group of Americans or political group?

I predict that the results will show that there’s a correlation between guns and deaths.

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That’s not what this is.

What “group” are we talking about?

Gun owners. What libs are attempting to do is use public money to go after gun owners to restrict there 2nd Amendment rights.

Don’t play stupid with me.


How exactly is reporting the number of people killed or wounded with guns “going after a group of citizens”?

Better to ignore it.

Gun statistics are already available…and you don’t need public funds. Hell the libs plitical operatives (the press) give it out for free.

What exactly is “gun violence research”?

If it’s just collecting statistics in deaths and injuries, we have that already.

Are they going to research what makes someone lash out at society? Perhaps they can try to determine what has changed in our culture that has caused more kids to commit suicide, or more people to shoot up groups of people they don’t even know.


How do we have that already if it hasn’t been studied in over 20 years? NRA statistics?

Google “gun deaths USA” or something similar.

Are all those polls and statistics just making up the numbers? Pew? NYTimes? BBC? CNN? Marketwatch? CDC? CBSNews?

A group of politicians trying to make a case while their sheep voters run around supporting it for them after the TV commands. lol


No it isn’t.

You aren’t going to like the results.