Congress - No deal on “emergency” stimulus package

Pelosi/Dems say GOP is rushing. Really? Just more talking points for Dems and Media opportunity to rant about corporate versus the people. Repulsive.

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Why not putting We the People first for once? Massive bailouts to mega corporations worth billions while us commoners worry about how to feed our families is an extremely distasteful notion. Buy hey, maybe it’s just me.

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The primary beef, FROM BOTH SIDES IN CONGRESS, is the extraordinary latitude to be given on where and how the mony is to be disbursed, especially to Mnuchin. Much less oversight than in 2008.

Garbage… soon the GOP plan will be headlined as racist and xenophobic. We all know the drill. At least it should guarantee a GOP House soon.


This is not a 2008 type of situation.

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Dems need to do everything they can to make this about electing the Kid Sniffer instead of getting their house in order.

I sincerely believe Dems are willing to exploit any leverage they have no matter who suffers in order to try gain more power. Not because they are bad, but because they are evil.


It’s also more than the 2008 bank bailout and 2009 Obama stimulus packages combined. 2 trillion dollars. A quarter of that would go to large corporations with little to no oversight. I don’t care what the situation is. If the government is giving someone money, the government can (and should) set stipulations. 500 billion being turned around for stock buybacks and CEO compensation doesn’t do a thing for the average American.

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And that’s just stupid.

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The buck stops with Trump. Time for him to lead

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As opposed to making it about the ■■■■■ grabber?

No stock buybacks is already baked in to any deal. Big corporations employ MANY people. And we need their products and services. This crisis is not a video game. Time is of the essence and do-overs will be too late.

Correct, this is the perfect chance for Dems to win, and they’re not going to waste this opportunity by giving a ■■■■ about you or me unless it scores them campaign points for the Kid Sniffer.

Sorry to say, but they’re not your friends.



No. It’s not. That’s one of two reasons the Democrats refused. The other was the democrats wanting to give more money to the states, as asked for by the Governors.

Your opinion is no more valid than mine. In fact all the recent evidence (last 3 years) can only be ignored by those who are uninformed and (unable to admit) and they allow themselves to be part of the problem.

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They lie …

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Prove that no stock buybacks is written into the bill.

No it’s not. Coronavirus will disappear in another week or so.

Big words. Show us the bill. Show is quotes from Republicans saying it’s in there.

According to a senior Democratic aide, the party’s concerns with the GOP proposal center on $500 billion for corporations; stock buyback language that can be waived by the Treasury Secretary; only a two-year time frame on executive compensation limits; and no provisions to protect individuals from eviction.

Democrats also object to what they say is an insufficient amount of money for state and local governments and providing only three months of unemployment insurance. Democrats initially asked for $750 billion in state aid, and Republicans have countered with far less.

Shoot. Even Trump agrees there should be no stock buybacks. I guess his fellow Republicans haven’t been listening.

Trump has told gop he won’t sign without buyback restrictions