Congress dares Trump to shut down the government in new spending deal


"Senate Appropriations chief Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), one of those to originally pitch the strategy, called it the “linchpin” of Congress’ spending bill successes so far this year. “One, the top priority for Republicans; the other, the top priority for Democrats. Both important to all Americans,” Shelby said.

Precise details on funding and language remain under wraps until the final text is rolled out. But negotiators said that the final package would largely strip out partisan language favored by House Republicans.

That means lawmakers rejected attempts to defund Planned Parenthood or destabilize Obamacare, as well as a slew of other perennial conservative riders."

I’d say Trump will sign it. They pretty much boxed him in.


Interestingly enough, I just came across this article:

So, I guess instead of receiving a check from Mexico to build the wall, we’re not going to be sending money to Mexico to solve their immigration problem. What a switch - lol.


“We’re gonna deport Mexicans and we’re gonna pay them for it!”

Trump 2018


Unless I’m reading it wrong, the money isn’t being used to pay Mexico to take our illegal immigrants. The money is being used to help Mexico get rid of their illegal immigrants.


Hahaha, you’re right, that’s even worse.


Shut it down, hell its on life support as it is.


Honestly though, it probably has a better ROI than paying them to help return undocs.


and do more tax cuts.


Shut it down, I don’t care, tax cuts, regulations whatever I’m more than happy to fend for my family myself. I helped take care of everybody else’s for twenty two years. When I said shut it down I meant in the literal sense.


yeah, we know.

now, don’t drive anywhere today.


Who will pay for the wall?



let’s see. you start with this…

and end up with being part of the brotherhood where you didn’t shake hands and walkoff the field.

you’re all over the place.


No one voted for Trump simply because he said Mexico will pay. You people are so gullible !

Money is fungible though and Trump may have already started implementing his plan to make Mexico pay without Mexico even knowing it. But if Trump hating politicians stand in the way, that’s on them… not Trump and not Trump supporters.


So someone who served the government for 22 years can’t suddenly decide not to support unnecessary government? You’re not very demanding are you? :roll_eyes:




He can do whatever he wants. He can not pay taxes if he so chooses.


I learned during Obama’s two terms it’s posible to love your country but hate your government. It’s like the season’s, you know sooner or later it’s going to change. They’re are so many Americans that believe they’re freedom is a right & not a privilege, the reality of it is, it’s only your birthright nothing more, nothing less. You can lose it just like your drivers license,


That’s how I like my government run, secret payments… You really have no idea how appropriations are done in the federal government…


Ummm… you are mistaken. It’s not as clean and neat as your high school civics books told you. And also… there are billions … billions … that are indeed secret. I have reviewed them. You never will.


Oooo… Please tell us how a president would secure billions in revenue without congress approving… I can hardly wait…