Congratulations Portland! You set a record!

More Homicides this past July than any month this century! Will the stubborn, hard headed, dim-witted, liberal politicians of Portland realize their mistakes and try to reinstitute a little law and order? Of course not. They will double down on their failure. Why? Because they are stubborn, hard headed, dim-witted, liberal politicians. And that’s what they do. :crazy_face:

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15 homicides in July.

Sounds a lot less dramatic when you use real numbers.

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Unless you’re talking to 15 families who have lost loved ones due to the war on po-leece. It’s a lot more dramatic when you use real people. That’s 180 people when spread out over a year.

All 15 died from the “war on police”?

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Kinda sorta. It’s no secret that this city loathes the police. And the police know it. The cops are handcuffed and targeted. Tougher on police, easier on criminals and crime goes up. Right?

Let’s stay on topic and leave off the personal stuff please.

So I Googled for like two seconds and apparently they got hit with five homicides over two nights, but they were random and all over the city. A domestic, two white teenagers, an old man and a black dude.

Yeah, I saw that as well.

Of all the cities in America, Portland has been protesting nonstop for four years.

Do you think they will set a record for the year?