Congratulations Ms/Miss/Mrs Doe it's a boy. Now lets have a discussion


Except we are talking about third trimester abortions where there are severe life ending defects that prevent the baby from living outside the womb.


This is sad to me and abortion in general makes me sad. Life is too precious to waste. An example of Libs not all being the same.


It’s amazing how hard they’re pushing this on Twitter. I hate to get conspiratorial but I’m wondering if there are Russians behind this Push, or if Cinservatives really are that eager to beleive fake news about Abortion.


It truly is the Conservative’s Ace in the Hole. Without the abortion debate, I don’t think the Republican Party would have much control at the federal level. Which is also the reason I don’t believe that Roe vs Wade will be overturned.They wouldn’t have much of a stick at federal level.

It’s not an enumerated power of Congress, so it would have to be left to the states without a constitutional amendment.


We don’t stop those crimes either. They still happen. I’m not a supporter of abortion, and definitely do not think it should be funded by society in taxes. However, if it must be done, I’d prefer a safe place for people to have the option to go to.

Very Clinton-like .

I do understand the other side of the argument here. It’s a very delicate subject.


Read for content.


I did.

Why bring up the extremes?

Why are they valid to talk about?


It’s a cheap tactic like when a prosecutor in a court case brings up something he knows will be stricken from the record, hoping it will steer opinions, but also knows the jury can’t possibly un-hear it.


I have 5 bucks that says that Donald Trump has paid for at least two abortions.


Read for content.

I explained it in the post you originally replied to.


The medical term for a miscarriage is “spontaneous abortion” so it has nothing to do with the choice to have an elective abortion.


Needs to be repeated endlessly to check the misinformed bleating of hysterics.


The left always brings up the extremes, I have seen countless debates that the left goes straight to the “What if they were raped!”. Which is way less than 1% of abortions.


Dude, YOURE the one who first brought up the NY legislation. The nerve to accuse other people of deflecting.


Couldn’t finish the video.

Sick and tired of namby pamby, feminized men.

“Most of these legislators are men, and shouldn’t be telling a woman…”


Shouldn’t be telling her what, you ■■■■■■ That she already had three months to abort & months 7-9 aren’t the time to kill her infant?!

Why are we even having a discussion about third trimester abortion?

■■■■ THAT ■■■■■■■

Just end it already.


Sure they do


Yeah, those stupid feminized and their respect for a woman’s autonomy.

Of course the government needs to tell women what to do about their pregnancy that may have severe birth defects not apparent in the third trimester. If we dont have that, then we are just a bunch of namby pamby wimps.

You shoulda finished the video. Mighta learned something.


Because the CEC is ginning up outrage in its base.


Hmm seems like the same argument is made for gun control from the left.


Not sure what your point is.