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If it wasn’t for modern science and amazing work that surgeons do nowadays would the baby not die on its own without butt hole?

Yes or no?


Again, thank you. It tends to quell the hysteria (e.g. “OMG they’re allowing late term abortions on demand!”) when the facts are repeatedly presented. Doesn’t stop it altogether, but it helps.


Have you ever had to sit with someone with a terminal illness and hold their hand as they died?


More reason why you can’t have serious discussion.


Cancer sucks I can only hope they made her final day peaceful and pain-free.


You know, I’m pretty anti-abortion as it is. I’d like to live in a world where every child is wanted and that abortion was only done because of medical necessity.

But there are two things that have moved me to oppose the Republican party platform on Abortion.

  1. Republicans continually oppose everything that helps prevent it, including sexual education, birth control availability, health care availability and financial aids.

  2. No Republican has ever given me a satisfactory answer to this question. Say Abortion becomes illegal and is defined as murder. Let’s just say that happens.

Between me and my brother, my mother suffered two miscarriages where she desperately wanted the children. Should my mother have been investigated for “having an illegal abortion” when she was still grief stricken from the miscarriages? Should she be charged because her pregnancy didn’t come to term and forced to prove her innocence?

No Republican has ever given me a satisfactory answer. And they won’t.


That’s the point. That is a survivable issue.

Have you never known anybody who’s baby died very soon after birth due to it’s dire medical issues?

Just let them be.


good point


I have a coworker whose baby died during birth.

He is super duper pro life.

It is a tragic and terrible thing… and none of the State’s business.


Yes medical advances make more and more terminal condition non existent, but when dealing with terminal condition and low percentage treatment sometimes people choose to die.


Actually, life AND HEALTH of the mother. I’ve addressed my concerns about this before. I’m all for protecting a woman against some life-altering health issue like a stroke or paralysis, etc. Extreme stuff, to be sure. On the other end of the spectrum would be a doctor deciding that this pregnancy would impact her financial health, or that stretch marks would give her PTSD. And somewhere in between, different people would draw their own personal lines.

And yet even with that chance of abuse, I’m not going to get in the way of an exception for “health” in abortion limitations. At least we’re saying as a society that there IS something there worth considering before aborting it.

And for the record, the video at the top of the thread isn’t limited just to life-or-health exceptions. On the legislature floor Cathy Tran was challenged as to whether her proposed ban-lifting would allow for a woman on the delivery table, dilated and about to give birth, to get an abortion. She said it would.


Has anyone in this thread had to make this choice before? either for a child, parent, etc. do you understand how hard it is to do this no one is making this choice lightly.


I held my 11-week-gestated son. He had fingernails. Wrinkled knees.

My grandson was born at 26 weeks gestation. Less than 2 pounds. So six weeks later I saw a 32-week gestated “fetus”.

He’s going on 3 years old now.


would you support your son/daughter choice to not go through intense medical treatment to keep them alive? because that is what this bill is about giving parent that choice.


My wife and I are pretty much pro-life, but understand that if you outlaw abortion, you don’t stop abortion. The practice goes underground to the black market.

Did you know that once abortion is illegal, anyone that performs an abortion can now perform it for anyone, regardless of whether the participant is willing? Happens all the time in the Latin American countries where abortion is illegal.

Your girlfriend is pregnant and wants to keep it? Too bad for her!


The problem I have with the argument of “stretch marks” is that it doesn’t happen.

Might as well say that a doctor would perform a late term abortion because they fear alien abduction or being struck by lightning.

As far as Cathy Tran thing… it is ludicrous to think that a woman would carry to term and while in labor want to abort.

It is a silly thing to wring one’s hands over.


Well tell that the the Democrats in NY State who just “lit up” pink in celebration of their new abortion law right up to the due date, a baby’s “birthday” followed by legislation by the State of Virginia Democrat legislator introducing the same type of “sanctuary” for infanticide. Blatant murder of late term viable babies in the womb is definitely trending in the Democrat Party.


Just when you think legal abortion at 24 weeks can’t get any worse, it does! NY State has legalized infanticide and Virginia wants to follow suit! It’s hard to wrap your mind and soul around it or even discuss the inhumanity of it all.


If no one makes this choice lightly then why all the celebration lights and cheers in New York?


New Yorkers, like myself, are thrilled this law was passed last week. The Republicans in the State Senate, who finally got kicked out of office by the electorate, and thus have no power at all anymore, have been holding up this legislation from passing for years.

If you don’t like it, tough.