Congratulations Ms/Miss/Mrs Doe it's a boy. Now lets have a discussion


No and this bill doesn’t allow that.

This only effect babies who are born malformed who can not live without the assistance of machines.


It’s deliberate I’m sure. They’re realizing how deep in the barrel Trump support has put them so they’re dragging out the old “BABY KILLER!!!1111” Canard to try and gin the base back up.

The funniest part is they’re doing exactly what they claimed the Fake News media did to the Covington Kids except this situation is far less ambiguous.


Ahhhh nice deflection and going off topic Lucy


When a serious argument can no longer be made…


I don’t have a problem with that…but how long before it’s abused?


Because sometimes people take the chance that their babies might make it even with defects and sadly sometimes they don’t.


Depends on how they want to do it, but yes. That’s exactly what he said.

It happens - pretending it doesn’t though is something Conservatives are really good at it.


Often enough that this has become an issue that we are talking about.


Only if it was past 24 weeks. Then be like Utah and up it a few weeks. Not eliminate it entirely.


are you suggesting doctors are going to smoother babies in their cribs?


What…babies can’t be born with no butt hole?

An imperforate anus is a birth defect that happens while your baby is still growing in the womb. … According to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, about 1 out of every 5,000 babies has an imperforate anus or other malformation of the anus or rectum . It occurs more often in boys than girls.Nov 14, 2017


Wait, people keep saying malformed OR non viable. The two can be different.


My opinion is that your OP, like many other posts in this thread is about creating emotional reactions based on faulty or lacking information.

Which is why I did not address your OP, and will not.

Here is the full text of the New York law. It took me all of 15 seconds to find it.


Please try to have a serious discussion.


Weeeee down the slippery slope we go.


My mom had cancer… was stage 4 with a 10% chance of remission after long painful kemo…

She choose not to do the kemo…

Shame that republicans would have taken that choice from her and forced her to experience all that pain…

Which is why republicans must be voted out of office and never be allowed to have any power ever again…


the bill is talking about babies that require machines to live, and giving the parent the choice to take them off the machines to die.


Now address the VA governors comments.


It’s also if the mother’s life is in danger. I know this doesn’t change your opinion, but thank you for putting it in proper context. A lot of people haven’t been.


You don’t get to decide what is and what isn’t serious discussion.