Congratulations Ms/Miss/Mrs Doe it's a boy. Now lets have a discussion


And these people want to turn over healthcare to em?

Someone with cancer…let em die a natural death.


Iv worked at a hospice center, its rough.


It’s what VA dems pushed – and the governor admitted to it in that video – and it’s what NY legislators CHEERED when they passed their bill.

To be fair, the bills in question don’t let the run-of-the-mill birth get terminated after birth. It’s about babies who survived abortion, or are born with defects. But all the same, it’s killing a baby after it has been born.


That’s literally what he was saying. My God the disingenuousnous here could kill a man.


They’re actually taking some of this issue out of the hands of government.

You should applaud this.


If a newborn baby needs rescuscitating then it was born dead, and yes they probably knew that ahead of time. If a baby is born with a non-survivable defect, then yes they probably already knew that, but not always. In which case, discussion ensues. By parents and doctor. Not the government.


You do know there are types of cancer that are not treatable right?


Many people do choose that.


do you support a family choice to take their loved one off life support?


How many here actually seen a 32 week old “fetus”?


Is there another New York law that deals with trying people who perform late term abortions? If so why was it put into the homicide law in the first place?


do you support a family choice to take their loved ones off life support?


So much misinformation in this thread. Wow!


Yeah, it sucks. Women and families dealing with issues around birth defects and health issues have enough to deal with and shouldn’t have to worry about the unintended consequences of anti-abortion extremist measures.


Hello 2020!

Trump is an abominable piece of garbage, need to get people riled up about ABORTION!!!


So severely malformed babies would die a comfortable death NATURALLY in the mothers arms?

And what are the odds that a non vital baby wouldn’t be picked up early in the pregnancy?



Let me ask you this…if a baby is born with no butt hole should we allow it to die?


The old law meant that if a fetus was unviable, the mother could not terminate the pregnancy.

They would have to travel out of state to look after their health.


This isn’t about Trump.

Oh wait.


Then why allow the family the option of pulling life support (as some has claimed that’s all this is) if they have said go through the process of recescitating it?