Congratulations Democrats!

If that’s the case amd he’s acting in his official capacity, why is he sending his PERSONAL attorney to investigate?

As more and more evidence strengthening the impeachment case comes to the fore, the CEC machine whips into overdrive.

Better add some more oil Jim, she’s staring to sound a little clanky.

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Don’t underestimate the shameless & proud to be “dumb as dirt” Democrats. You can’t cure stupid or TDS! :roll_eyes::crazy_face:

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You project so well. LOL!

TDS… because Trump is perfect!

Perhaps: but Tillis, Gardner, McSally and Collins are all Republican incumbents who are running in states where it will be difficult to justify joining in McConnell’s whitewash of Trump’s abuse of power and that is enough seats to flip the Senate.

McConnell and Graham are both polling underwater but it is far too early to suggest either of them are truly vulnerable.

With massive retirements among Republicans in the House, where exactly to you see this “blow back” developing?

so much whining.

Interesting observation. You do realize although subpoenaed by Congress one is not compelled to appear. House committees were able to use the Court to force those individuals to appear and they did not choosing to make good on the promise made to “deliver impeachment by Christmas”.
The President maintained those subpoenaed shouldn’t appear it would only legitimize the folly of a partisan hack job. Speaker Pelosi proclaimer the impeachment process was to be “bipartisan as prescribed by the Founders”, she just loves quoting those old rascals). Well how did that work out?

You want the judge to take a partisan stance?

How did it work out? D Trump became the third president of the USA to be impeached.

Parody, not a projection

It will be remembered as a sham based on the fact that the dems hated that he won the 2016 election.

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That’s how you remember the Clinton impeachment?

The second McConnell thinks that this has an excellent chance of costing him the Senate, he’ll put a millstone around Trump’s neck and throw him overboard.

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I can’t wait for Republican force to defend this non-sense in 10 years.

Not me. Clinton played with an intern then lied to Congress as I remember.

Lied to a prosecutor actually but basically you are correct.

However, the Clinton Impeachment really was more of a reaction to the Nixon Impeachment effort more than anything else. (Yes, lying under oath to hide an extra-marital affair is perjury, but isn’t really more of a persona and civil matter than something that justifies removal from office… basically what the Senate decided in the end.)

The Clinton Impeachment was a real world proof of Karl Marx proposition that all historical events happen twice: the first time as tragedy and the second time as farce.

Marx did not reflect on the possibility of a second repetition.

And Trump thinks that is amateur hour

Will he rebuke Lindsey Graham for telling the world how he plans to vote?

It’s shocking to me that you guys want to clear the way for the next D POTUS to use his office to pressure foreign powers to investigate his/her political opponents.

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