CONFUSION GPS: Fusion GPS Founder ‘PLEADS THE FIFTH’ Before Congress | Sean Hannity

GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson pleaded the fifth amendment before the House of Representatives this week; refusing to answer questions surrounding his shady opposition research firm and the infamous ‘Trump Dossier.’

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To take the 5th protects a person against being compelled to be a witness against himself or herself in a criminal case

Which is fine. However, to take the 5th you are admitting that a crime has been committed. In which case this needs to be turned over for Criminal investigation and no longer an congressional hearing. Otherwise the 5th does not apply. Can’t take the 5th if no crime has been committed, its a physical impossibility .

“The House Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed Mr. Simpson to appear today for testimony, and this committee has shown no interest that Russia interfered in the 2016 election,”

We have known that Russia has tried to interfere with our elections since the 50’s?(this is a known fact of life) Just like we have tried to “influence” theirs and others. The problem is, the left wants to pin it on Trump with this investigation and these are 2 different things. Simpson was brought in to testify about how this “collusion” investigation began, not about typical political moves by foreign entities.

Answer the questions or plead the 5th, at some point Mueller needs to make a decision. Either drop the investigation because it was started with fraudulent information (clearly proven now) or turn it in to a DNC collusion and fraud investigation. (we know that will never happen)