Confirm Kavanugh TODAY

The Democrats have shown they do not care about a functioning government and live only to obstruct. So McConnell should forego the hearings and hold the confirmation vote today. There is nothing to be gained from the hearings. Call your senator and McConnell and tell him to hold the vote this afternoon.

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Oh no, we want the hearings, great opportunity to put unhinged Democrats on full display in flyover country.

8 in the morning and already angry?

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Mr cap has a point. We already know how the vote is going to go. It’s just political theater at this point. Vetting is an outdated concept .

Wait - how can Mitch be putting together a vote if he’s wasting time reading this thread?

Is this satire?

Lololol. Nope. See ya!

Everything cap posts is satire.

My attitude is senate confirmation should be simple.

Is he qualified from a legal perspective? Law degree?

Nothing terrible coming up in a background review?


Elections have consequences.

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Is this also satire?

We actually don’t know how the vote will go. R’s only are at 50-49 right now (if you vote today, McCain is unavailable).

On the R side, yes votes from Collins and Murkowski are far from certain.

On the D side, the red state Democrats up for re-election…don’t know yet whether they will potentially sacrifice their re-election bids to stay in solidarity, or vote in their own perceived self-interest.

Personally I see no reason not to confirm this guy but I am not a hyper-partisan.

Actually no. The senate should be looking at the candidates legal experience, making sure he is qualified for the job. To me, qualification would be a law degree and experience as a judge, preferably at higher levels.

I don’t think a judge’s legal opinions should be part of the discussion unless the opinion is so far out of the mainstream so as to disqualify them.

They don’t even need to do that. The President does the vetting. All that is needed is whether or not he is a felon. That’s it. Confirm today.

Ah…so the Senate should be a rubber stamp?

You must have been horrified when the Republican senate refused to hold a vote on Garland, leaving an empty seat on the Supreme Court for 300 days.

Perhaps you missed the portion of the constitution where the Senate is to provide advice and consent, not just consent?

I know the constitution can kind of be a buzzkill, but there is a reason it exists.


I was. It was reprehensible. It stole a SC Justice from Obama and usurped executive power.

Unfortunately, that will be the new standard going forward, unless something is done to change the rules governing Supreme Court picks.

Presidents are not entitled to nominate SC justices if the opposition party holds the Senate. The McConnell Rule.

Fair enough. Just wanted to make sure we’re all being consistent.

In your dreams. Nope.