Schiff does not have to answer questions, nor Pelosi, nor the co conspirator democratic operative. Yet everything Trump is open to the public.

Why such a double standard?


Deeep sttaattee

We need to investigate this!

How about adding a little something ti the OP so others could actually know what you’re ranting about and can discuss it?

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Why should Schiff or Pelosi need to answer questions. They were the investigators as it were…not the investigated? There is no double standard. It would be like the defense attorney putting the prosecutor on the stand.

I completely agree - just as I argued the prosecutor and arresting officer should have been investigated and questioned during my 2012 (and 2015 and 2018) public urination trial(s).


How is everything Trump open to the public?

It’s not.

Then the basis for this thread…seems to be…questionable.

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They weren’t? I’ll bet you were pissed?:sunglasses:



Investigating Democrats is impeachable.

Didn’t this latest round start with Trump being the investigator?

Not if done properly…

I’ve investigated that and it’s false.

Withholding allotted aid to a foreign nation until it helps you investigate a political rival might well amount to an impeachable offense, however. Yes Virginia, even if that’s not technically a crime! :star_struck:

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Given that President Turmp has refused to testify under oath, has refused to answer questions submitted to him when he does not wish to, has refused to provide any documents whatsoever, and has ordered everyone around him to not answer any questions (not to mention the long standing issue of hiding all his tax returns and financial record), how exactly are you arguing “everything Trump is open to the public.”

Are you thinking of some Trump other than the President of the United States, because the one who occasionally visits the White House between golf games is running the least transparent administration in memory.


How did the whistle blower report ,materialize?

we have seen transcripts of phone calls. we have seen witnesses testify against Trump, but we have seen nothing of the whistle blower and heard nothing about the origins of the complaint.

I was under the impression that Trump answered Mueller’s questions in writing. I was under the impression that Trump released the transcripts. I was under the impression he released thousands of documents. I am not aware of any trump officials receiving immunity for testimony or plead the 5th. But i do remember others receiving special treatment in 2016.

But as for tax returns you are making my point, where is the request for 535 members of congress tax returns? I also seem to remember Obama playing golf and Bush and William.

so when you claim least transparent i say you have a very selective memory or you have the emails and state department records. Where is the transcripts of phone calls from Benghazi or maybe the war in Afghanistan.

what exactly are the regulations on foreign aid? is it an executive or legislative function?

There is this little thing called prosecutorial misconduct.

In jurisprudence, prosecutorial misconduct is "an illegal act or failing to act , on the part of a prosecutor, especially an attempt to sway the jury to wrongly convict a defendant or to impose a harsher than appropriate punishment.". It is similar to selective prosecution.

Unless of course you do believe prosecutors are above the law.