Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Or How joe biden Became a Contract-Killer for a Secret Government Agency

Sometime in the 70s, while hosting the popular television The Gong Show program, joe biden was travelling the world taking out bad guys on behalf of the government.

Okay, NOT REALLY, but…biden’s Walter Middy-esque tales are getting wilder and weirder.

Now with more conflation…

I’ll just say what I’ve been saying since April. Please let it be biden.

Pretty please, with sugar on top.

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Joe is well past his prime. He should do the party a favor as well as himself and retire while he still has some semblance of dignity remaining.


It’s becoming obvious that the man is in early stages of dementia.

His son was AG of Delaware if my memory serves me correct.

It’s time for him to ride off into sunset. His friends and family are doing him disservice IMO.


Yeah but we had a whole summer of people ignoring it, and fake polls propping him up so his supporters need a reminder or two before he fades off into the sundown.

They begged him to get in the race to stop Bernie.

His supporters don’t care, their hatred for Trump overwhelms any sense of morality.

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They know he’s well past his prime as well and likely can’t get close to beating Trump. Putting him up as their “Great White Hope” shows just how desperate they are.

And yet in RCP polls he’s beating Donald Trump.


That’s just Biden being Biden. He’s a different kind of candidate and you make the mistake of taking him literally. You can’t do that. He transcends the normal politics not playing the game of standard politicians.


It’s a long way to November.

Hillary was leading by double digits in the same polls at the same point in 16.

Nominate him.

He may even remember he’s running in 2020.

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He’ll remember

I’m sure the thought of all the potential lucrative ventures he could hook up Hunter with is what keeps him going.:money_mouth_face:

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Wait till they start unveiling his brother’s schemes for profiting off of his access to Joe.

The next 7 months are going to be entertaining as hell if Joe wins the nomination.

Shh, we’re saving that.

As long as he can sign his name to whatever documents the deep state put in front of him, he’ll do. And with a VP of the same standard, things can get back to normal for big pharma, the military industrial complex and the technocrats.

He’s now running for Senate and has multiplied like a Gremlin.

Well if breitfart says it, it must be true!

You want newsweek??

The latest was he announced himself to a crowd as Joe Biden running for US Senate. :roll_eyes:

I think he’s gone from just stupid gaffes to possible early dementia. :thinking: