Confederate Flag = "Marry your sister?"

A Georgia public High School teacher has been suspended for a classroom display of a picture of the Confederate Battle Flag with a caption that says :

"A sticker you put on the back of your pickup truck to announce that you intend to marry your sister. Think of it like a white trash ‘Save the Date’ card."

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Not a great thing to say in front of a classroom probably, but the contempt for Confederate aficionados is appreciated.


This: image is the Con-federate flag.

This: image is not.

I am not impressed with the intelligence level of those who cannot tell the difference.


poor confederate when will they get a break.


The teacher should have kept such opinions quiet & taught strictly the history and symbolism of the flag. Shouldn’t have thrown in commentary about white peoples who value it, either.

I’m sure was a racial slur used to describe black students who revere a particular individual or symbol all of Hell would have broken loose.

And no, I think valuing that flag in this day and age is not only remaining stuck in a time warp, but not caring that one is associated with a symbol that for many symbolizes racism and enslavement.

Just teach the freaking class and leave personalized insults out of it already. Glad whoever it was is on leave.

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Teacher shouldn’t have said that in a classroom.

That said, in any other circumstance, I would laugh about it. The battle flag motif is dumb.


White trash is… complicated.

I’ve heard way more whites say it to and about other whites than I have ever heard blacks say it. I’ve only heard one black person say it and he nearly got a beat down. He was drunk and being a moron. But white people call other white people white trash all the time down here.

Can’t speak on Hispanics or other racial minorities. Haven’t had enough time with them to pick up on it.

So do you endorse what the teacher did?

She said it…and was then suspended for saying it.

So is there a problem here?

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Yes… pretty much.

Yes. She should have answered the question “if they get divorced are they still brother and sister?”

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Like it or not the Confederate flag will forever be associated with bigotry, racism and the most shameful part of Americas past.

Your free to fly it but dont start complaining when people think your a racist for doing so.


I don’t mind, at all, being called a racist.
The word had been misused to the point it no longer has any meaning.

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The bottom flag is the Confederate Battle Flag, which is exactly what I called it in the OP.
There were 6 different official National flags of the Confederacy.
I’m not impressed with your intelligence for believing there was only one.

No, the battle flag is square, not rectangular…the rectangle version did not appear until the “Lost Cause” revival.

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You may not think so, but for the vast majority of society it certainly does.

Odd thing to say as well, that you don’t mind at all if someone were to call you a racist. It’s a stigma most decent people try to avoid.

The Battle flag was originally rectangular. Later, Gen. Joseph Johnston suggested it be square to save on material. Both square and rectangular Battle Flags were in use.

So what word do you use to describe the oppression, prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism of individuals based on their race?

Should we invent a new one? I pick ganangoshank.


Yep, it’s available.

Well I think you are a bigot for thinking that, so there. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bill is right. The term has been so over used and misused that the meaning has been lost.

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