Comprehensive immigration reform

With all this hype and a government shutdown maybe time to sit down and discuss a compromise? The gang of six wouldn’t do it and I dont understand why everyone is afraid of this one. So trump wants his wall what is he willing to give up? What do you guys think is fair to include?

Fund the government first. We can try to work out comprehensive immigration reform when government workers salaries are not being held ransom. This is not acceptable. I think Donald Trump is just afraid of losing any leverage he has by withholding the paychecks of Americans who are defending our points of entry. This is not how you run the government.


I already heard all of this BS in 1986 and although millions of illegals were made citizens, here “we” are still. I have nothing more to say except…build the wall.

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Trump is willing to make a deal, but the Democrats keep saying no wall, no wall,
no it doesn’t matter what you offer, no wall, no wall!

I guess the Democrat Politicians are liars, because they supposedly Pride themselves
on being the party that will work with people, and care, and are trying.

Well, when they say no wall, and no exceptions, not 2 dollars for the wall, then
isn’t that just ignorant?

The second video down. All she does is continuesly and ignorantly say No!

The Democrat Politicians want it their way, or no way at all! If Trump gets money
for the wall, this will be either one of his greatest if not the greatest thing that he will
do as President, and close to one of the greatest things done for American in general!

Because truth be told, most Conservatives hope for a wall, and want a wall, but don’t think
we’re ganna get a wall, because of the Democrats, and some moderate Republicans. The wall has been an issues for how many years, and still has never gotten done. I believe
that Trump can get it done! Every time a wall has ever come up in the past, the Democrats
were willing to compromise in any other way, but a wall, and money for it, because they know that it’s less votes for them. Less Illegals, less crime around the borders, no open borders would mean a lot of negative things for the Democratic Politicians strategy wise.

There is no such thing as “comprehensive immigration” and that term is used to disguise the real agenda which is amnesty & open borders. American immigration laws have not been enforced since the mid 60’s so it’s not surprising that most don’t know how “legal” immigration is supposed to work. There is no need to “reform” the system rather it just needs to be “enforced”!

One side wants a wall. The other doesn’t. How is the side who doesn’t want a wall agreeing to a wall “a deal?” I don’t see compromise or deal making. It’s entirely unilateral. What has Trump offered to the Democrats as part of the deal making process?

The Conservatives have wanted a wall for over 40 years!!!
and the Democrats have always denied them that.

You would have thought that within that time, if Democrats supposedly cared
about border security and were willing to compromise, and work with the
Republicans on the issue, that it would have gotten done a long time ago!!!???lol.
Just saying

I know a lot of people who are being affected by the shutdown. Donald Trump needs to open the government right now. Holding people’s paychecks ransom is not how you govern. Please pass the government funding that the house passed. We’re hurting out here.

Sean, please pressure the president to pass the house bill. We need to be able to feed our children. Don’t leave us hanging Sean Hannity.

Build the wall, legalize everyone here.

And open the government. People have bills to pay!

I don’t care about your bills.

Border security and a wall are not mutually inclusive. Many question the efficacy of a wall in the first place. See that liberal think tank Heritage Foundation for further details. A wall is not a magic border security device. There are other ways to improve border security.

I’m sorry you are having to deal with this on a personal level. Donald is not going to open the government until he realizes that he is not going to get funding for his wall.

Perhaps you would be better off calling your Representative and your Senators then posting on this message board in the hopes that Sean Hannity is going to come to the rescue.

Every second of down time I’m trying to call my Representative, and when I have access to another phone I’m trying to call Sean. I’m going to make a different by talking to someone that matters. That’s also why I’m posting on this forum. There has to be people that can get to Sean so that he can talk to the president.

This board has like 25 members and most are libs. They aren’t going to help you.

Perhaps you need to get a second job.


I would offer DACA. But the dems will still dig in their heels.

You guys will never get your wall. Ever.

Trump has been offered multiple deals. And he has initially said yes, only to flip after listening to the CEC. So what you stated is a flat out lie. He could have had $25B and said yes and then said no after Stephen Miller convinced him that DACA was amsitity.

How would that be a compromise? Mr. Trump has stated repeatedly he also wants a solution for DACA. So, the grand compromise is that Mr. Trump gets two things he wants, instead of just one? Lol

Real border security for DACA. Everything else would be on the table, once funding for real border security, to include a physical barrier, is secured.