Community Feedback

I could have sworn I posted some feedback in here a few minutes ago, did I not?

I guess not.

The current process by which this forum, once the best political forum on the internet, is being managed is not conducive to discussion of politics (nor religion).

Both are contentious subjects which can lead to hurt feelings, at least until further discussion can clarify initial assumptions.

The deleting of posts leaves gaps in the conversation, rendering them incoherent. The deleting of any quotes punishes not the violator, but all participating.

None of these methods promote discussion.

For the 20 years I have participated here, the difference of opinion is what made it great. We often start out with fire, but end with new respect. That is no longer the case, I believe in no small part because the rules and reactions have become arbitrary.


We have been over this again and again and again.

We encourage guest to flag posts they believe are in violation of the rules.

They are reviewed by a mod. The system should delete all quotes of or leading to the violating post. In the thread you are talking about, one obvious and clear violation said it was delted 23 posts.

This is how it has always been done and you know it.