Communist Sanders and Nitwit Ocasio Cortez Move to Outlaw Fracking

and some other idiotic Dems, because they hate America, and prosperity, of course.

in my part of America, (southwestern PA) this industry has been a godsend of jobs and businesses.

it’s a shame they are so hard left that they completely ignore the benefits of this process

but it aint a windmill. so boo hoo ban it.

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But hey…its creating jobs right? Thats the important thing…momey, money,money.

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More than that. Fracking for natural gas is one the main reasons that the U.S. leads the world in carbon output reduction. I hope Bernie goes for it though. But let him get the nomination first. Maybe AOC can be his running mate! :crazy_face:

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when somethings proven let Alex know

Jobs are very important, people have to eat and I assume most don’t want to live in the streets.

Yes they are…but at what cost?

they like their energy affordable too

Meet your standards?

“my” standards have nothing to do with it.

scientific standards do tho

no direct connection to slightly lower birthweight of babies born within 2 miles of wells


even if it were more compelling, doesnt justify a ban

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Just a coincidence eh? If you say so…

And if low birth weight doesn’t bother you,… this from the article should.

“While birth weight may seem like just a number, it can affect the path of someone’s life. Children with a low birth weight have been found to have lower test scores, lower lifetime earnings, and higher rates of reliance on welfare programs throughout their lives”

The W word, …more takers.

no connection made

study does not consider other factors besides distance to wells, such as other environmental factors, lifestyles, family health…

not worth crashing an entire industry and wrecking economies.

Idiot leftists like AOC dont care. typical

I really really want to see libs push this hard…specially in PA.

20 electoral votes. :wink:


I agree here. As problematic as fracking might be, the extraction of unconventional oil and gas staved off the steady depletion in the production of conventional hydrocarbons. I have always contended that all of the economically available hydrocarbons will be used, because the alternative is not economically or politically viable, at least for now. However, when the energy of extraction is equal to the energy of combustion, it’s game over.

Ugh you love in my area…but as for the story yeah…this isnt smart and will fail anyways. Bernie is gonna lose 60k votes easy trying to do this

no. you live in MY area

he’ll lose more than that

I mean whats so bad about being able to light your water on fire.

It’s not your area…

Being paid 20$ an hour because there is nothing else

It’s been suspended in the North of England after scientific reports.

Hell yes.