Coming Soon to a Defunded Police Department Near You!

"Borough President Adams, who is expected to run for New York City mayor in 2021, had urged people to solve non-violent disputes among themselves without involving police officers to avoid the risk of a police confrontation escalating."

“For weeks leading up to July 4, New York City residents were plagued by people setting off illegal fireworks displays and, at times, turning firecrackers into weapons by firing them off at others. On the Fourth of July, Walls confronted a few people setting off one such illegal display, and told them to move their fireworks away from the children who were playing in the area.”

“During the confrontation, one person chased Walls into her mother’s apartment building, firing a single shot at Walls while she fled. The bullet missed Walls, and she was able to recover the spent shell casing and the driver’s license of the alleged gunman, which the person had dropped during the chase, Testagros said.”

“Walls reported the alleged gunman to New York police, though nothing was done, according to Testagros. The New York City Police Department disputed the claim, saying they did not hear about the incident”

They later tracked Walls down again and put eight bullets in her,

Cities should start using the money they saved by drastically reducing PD budgets to purchase body bags for their “Community Outreach” employees or whatever the hell they’re going to call their unarmed canon fodder,


Cops have no control over Brooklyn, never did. So it doesn’t surprise me that the city wants people to settle disputes on their own.

As far as fireworks go, cops are pretty useless. Might as well not have the laws on the books. In fact, if you want to keep cops away, shoot off a lot of fireworks. That guarantees no cops.

Police still exist none have been defunnded why is there still murder.

There is currently a movement to defund the police. You can read about it in many articles. Advocates believe that if, instead of force used by the state, it would be better if people would reason together. I don’t think anyone has questioned, other than yourself, that there would be no murders if the police are fully funded. However, this PO, if I am reading it correctly, is used to illustrate how sometimes dealing with violence prone people on your own instead of requesting the police to enforce our laws, may not be the best choice.

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and I agree with some of their points, I greatly disagree with the the ideology of policing in America most notably that the police don’t have a duty to protect civilians as ruled by Supreme Court.

but the notion of a America without police is a pie-dream something that will never exist, id rather have a conversation about what the true mission statement of the police is and how they can be reorganized to better serve their community.

for one police have very little training to properly deal with welfare checks they should either get better training or be occupied by a professional.

There will always be murder but what you attempt to do, is to minimize it. What libs have done, is to exacerbate it and currently, children are dying as a direct result of liberal policies. Be proud.

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Well that’s not true at all. Brooklyn is not small.


Heard this song and dance for decades even as the crime rate kept plummeting.

Is this the point where i get to start accusing you guys of hoping?

I’m not following you but I would think that the both of us would desire a safe environment?

good question

maybe just another casualty in the war on cops.

East New York is, however, still arguably the single worst neighborhood in NYC.

By far. South Bronx is safer which is a scary proposition

Agreed, it has been the worst neighborhood in Brooklyn for at least the last 30 years. I needed to go there for work for a while and it wasn’t pleasant.

The South Bronx isn’t at all as bad as people might think.

I’m originally from the South Bronx, which was once a pretty decent neighborhood. It had a turn down for sure but is definitely on the upswing.

I don’t think you really know too much about Brooklyn. Brooklyn is a big place with some great places to live and visit.

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I remember reading an old book called Report from Engine Co. 82 that said that South Bronx firefighters fought more fires in the 70s than London did during the Blitz.

Well, if you enjoy insufferable hipsters and their ripoff boutique shops anyway.

Visit Bay Ridge, few hipsters there.

Yeah, the South Bronx did go through rough times but that was 40 - 50 years back.