Coming soon TNN!?

I caught a bit of Rush today as I was driving. He was speculating on what Trump would do if the Libs succeed in their coup. He seemed to think that not only would he not fade out of the spotlight, but he might we’ll get some investors to start his own news network! Ok, the TNN label was mine, but I think it’s an extremely good name (I’ll gladly take a small token of gratitude for it), but the idea is FANTASTIC! Think about it all you deplorable and now disheartened Republicans, an entire news network dedicated every second of every day to harass Biden and expose his every crime and shady deal that’s coming, plus an expose of all the treasonous, criminal things he’s already done! As a bonus, the network could follow the doings of every Democrat in the house and Senate too and report on them. When facts and evidence are scarce or even non existant, the network could just claim that their sources of information are from anonymous whistleblowers, who are protected from being identified, or they could just make ■■■■ up!

The Democrats have been doing this for years to Republicans, I think it’s time we followed their example of honest, unbiased “journalism”.


That sounds like it would be so interesting and informative. It also sounds familiar.


That sounds like a novel concept.

It’s too bad you haven’t had any media like that for the last forty years or anything…

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This is a old story. It was speculated that Trump thought he would lose in 2016 and then start a cable network. And he considered the campaign a year long infomercial. However it was not mentioned if it would be a news network or not.

they should Rush to make this happen. call it Freedom Of Xpression newschannel

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live from moscow!

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Well the FoxNews talking heads need a new place to live now that FoxNews has sold itself to the Deep State.

And Trump is gonna need a few bucks…or so I’ve heard…

Many people are saying.

the trump and bannon traveling circus…

the suckers born every minute will line up for them…

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Behead the Deep State!

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It would be consistent with Donald Trump’s record of “business acumen” to start a vanity cable TV news channel, in 2020.


That would be a great network. I hope they are successful in creating it.

In the meantime i like OAN pretty well.

I’m watching Fox less and less as they steadily move left.

Our Host, Tucker, and Lou Dobbs are good but many of the rest are moderate at best and sliding to the left.

It will be the ruin of them.

You mean it sounds like all the mainstream media we have already except Trump and Republicans are the targets?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Right! The mainstream media is biased right…


Right over your head.

I like that name!! Maybe you should get that little token of appreciation!

I don’t know about Bannon…


Bannon would have made an excellent Jacobin.

Hes sure managed to have a lifestyle that most people envy. Must be doing something right…

What does TNN stand for?