COMING SOON: Discover the Incredible True Story of ‘Palau,' Click HERE for Showtimes

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Discover the incredible true story of a man born in a small Argentine village who would go on to become one of the greatest evangelicals in history. Don’t miss ‘Palau’… arriving in theaters nationwide April 4th and 6th.

“After his father passes away at age 10, the lives of Luis Palau and his family are changed forever. Within a few years of his father’s death, Luis, his siblings, and his mother are left nearly destitute. Luis is forced to discontinue his education at an elite boarding school in Argentina and provide for his family as they slip into poverty,” writes the film’s website.

“In the years that follow, Luis devotes his life to God, begins preaching, launches a radio show and, ultimately, is invited to the United States to study and become a missionary,” adds the official summary.

“An unexpected encounter with Billy Graham would bring about the launch of Luis Palau’s global ministry,” the site concludes. “This is a true story of a man who was born in a small town in Argentina, committed his whole life to the works of the Lord and embarked on an incredible journey becoming one of the greatest evangelists in history.”

In theaters April 4 and 6. Click here for tickets and showtimes.