COMING HOME: Kim Jong Un Releases THREE American Prisoners

Oh a bargaining chip.

Did your list of talking points tell you what the N Koreans got in exchange for these chips?

Cash? Free membership in a Posh Trump Industries golf club?

No, at least two were professors at Pyongyang University. Kim and Paksun worked at the University.

It appears that the first plane is now landing. Congrats and welcome home.


Yeah they take the odd slave too.

Mostly though it’s just hostage taking to release at a later date. Good for leverage.


"Kim Hak-song was held on suspicion of “hostile acts” in May 2017. He had previously described himself as a Christian missionary who intended to start an experimental farm at the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST)

Tony Kim, also known as Kim Sang-duk, also worked at PUST. He was detained in April 2017 on espionage charges. According to South Korean media, he had been involved in humanitarian work in the North.

Kim Dong-chul, a pastor in his early 60s, was detained in 2015 on spying charges, and was then sentenced to 10 years hard labour."

Tony Kim might not be a missionary, but I suspect his humanitarian work in the north was probably Christian aid related.

Even Doctors without borders won’t go to N.Korea anymore, and most other charities have pulled out due to the aid simply being stolen by Kims regime, but Christian missionaries still turn up regularly.

Which is a very, very stupid thing to do to be clear. Particularly if you’re an American.

The first two were both working at the university.

Releasing them as a “goodwill gesture” is using them as a bargaining chip, Joanne.

This is what they always do.

Yes. And one was a self described Christian missionary, and I suspect the other one is as well.

That’s why they’re there, make no mistake.


Did they fail or
Did they get something they would not have gotten by only giving up their nukes?

I’m gonna go with fail. They might have hoped for leverage, but now with the no nuke deal they know they can’t be seen holding “hostages.”

and they were both working as professors at the university.

They’re not going to give up nukes or stop taking hostages, imo. They haven’t let the 12 japanese go yet, but I assume they will during negotiations.

Why do hostage takers release a few for free without getting their demands?

:grin:. Ok.

Touchdown. It appears the plane with the prisoners has finally touched down. Welcome home.

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i just bet that if these three gentlemen knew what trump said about grabbing “you know what “ in a private conversation in 2005 theyd ask to be sent right back

not sure but nailing it with nk hostages huh?

It’s poor taste to troll a thread like this.

i agree. i ll be on the lookout for trolls.

Maybe He just did?

Post #2, Post #3?

Ostensibly as a show of good intention.

In reality? Mmm well they didn’t get anything for the hostages. Their attempt to use them as a negotiating chip failed and they sent them back to save face.