COMING HOME: Kim Jong Un Releases THREE American Prisoners

At least it’s not as bad as the idiots who go there for a holiday / tourist trip. Complete morons.

And it’s settled truth now. Donald says it was Obama’s fault, so it’s Obama’s fault.

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Well there is that plus the precedent “Any country may now invade any country it declares ‘rogue.’”

Hostages be damned I don’t want the job of putting that genie back in the bottle.

Does not seem happy…

Trump succeeding where others have failed. That means the swamp has really got to get him, now…

Kudos to Trump on the release.
The swamp isnt out to get him. His past is.

They have not fund one thing , and it’s because he had to be clean as a builder in NYC etc… Many forces at work there.

? Hostage releases are fairly routine with the Norks.

Just to provide some info to those who seem bereft of it, under Obama’s terms, 10 US citizens were released from North Korea.

How is Trump doing on the American’s held in Iran?

Happy does not cancel pragmaticism, both can exist at the same time.


No thanks to Obama…

Yes, Things are going great in America these days.

You don’t even try. North Koreans released prisoners during Trump administration. Trump’s huge victory. North Koreans releasing prisoners during Obama administration. Done despite him. Also, why did Trump lie about Obama not being able to get two of them released when they were taken into custody during Trump’s administration. Why the lie?

Look, we both know you just spout off whatever anti-Obama, pro-Trump riffs that come to your mind. Facts are not really important to you. Never have been.

So you know that. I know that. Pretty much everyone on this board recognizes that about you.

I predict some pithy reply that only you will find interesting. Carry on, sir!

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So, testy… Be happy. Things are going great.

Despite Fat Donald, yes, things are going great in America, just like they were before he was elected.

@anon14033751 and @MoleUK

I suppose, since N. Korea kidnapped the hapless beachgoers
NOT to trade for anything
BUT INSTEAD for the purpose of teaching Japanese language to N. Koreans

maybe the term hostages does not apply and we should instead call them what they are, slaves.

Is it too much to ask that partisanship be set aside for once, and just express gratitude knowing that three Americans are on their way home?


It’s fantastic the prisoners are being released and yes, Trump deserves some credit! But remember, the north kidnapped the prisons only to be released and used as bargaining chips at a later date.

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